Young Blood

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Four Students from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (that’s my school) and AIFD showcased capsule collections that were their thesis.  Bank Alafalah will award Rs.500,000 to the best designer decided via a voting system.

Sakina ‘s Metamorphosis themed capsule collection included an array of colorful separates that were layered to emphasize the concept of change. The collection showed promise with basic textural techniques combined with solids and prints exuding a very global culture vibe (a very hard theme to pull off, have seen some weird clothes in that). Harem pants, cape, tunics, draped top had all the high street retail potential. The strongest of all the four, the collections showcased, the presentation was fuss free focusing just on the clothes.  The first piece of cape with a studded collar was a standout piece for me

TapuFP6_0772 1920158_734177423267629_738241936_n 1662161_734177279934310_1475474052_n 1607106_734177363267635_248207517_n TapuFP6_0626 1962632_734177073267664_27270807_n

Rabiya Iftikhar’s woman of substance went military route infused with sub continental silhouette (military with desi twist). The mix of jackets with flared dresses and shirts showed potential and so did commando pants underneath net saris. The colors with dark undertones in fabric juxtaposition of net and canvas of hard and feminine was definitely there. The whole mix reminded me a bit of anju modi’s patriotic flavored collection. While I loved the accessories, the caps could have been avoided for a army nurse gone glam look rendering it a costumey vibe.

TapuFP6_0635 TapuFP6_0674

TapuFP6_0663 TapuFP6_0651

Faiz Rohani’s collection was all things old hollywood glamour. Working with blacks and gold in sequins and chiffons, faiz’s collection was primarily evening wear with cocktail dresses and one long dress. A mixed bag of sorts, the two sheaths were nicely done and were styled perfectly to a T upping the glam quotient. However the two dresses (the long and the short one with fabric manipulated and left lose) seemed to lack similar polish and were a false note in the capsule. The shorter dress with fabric draped was odd in terms of proportion and the longer one was far departure from the vibe of the presentation.

TapuFP6_0713 TapuFP6_0729

TapuFP6_0734 TapuFP6_0757

Abel Emanuele’s collection that aimed to invoke rajasthani influences failed to impress. While the seamless dip dye was the only good thing about the collection, the long tassles winding down the body with fabric strips dangling along them were pretty much a tacktastic site that needed to be majorly edited. By the end of it, the capsule had sort of moved on towards amazonian woman (have seen some brilliant collections on that theme, this wasn’t one of them) with a metal bustier and skirt. Not done.

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team. and

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