White Wash

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Strung into a single color palate of bleached white (not my fav kind, I like it a bit soft on the offwhite side but that is just personal preference), Nida Azwer’s latest offering Arabesque came across as a breather from all the color people were exposed to since the beginning of Fashion Week. Nida Azwer’s models sashayed down the runway in messy side braids in white ensembles.

While sticking to the basic color white, Nida accentuated the ensembles with hints of beiges, silver, gold and white on white surface treatments. The silhouettes seemed right up her comfort zone of extra flared tunics layered in net, organza and sheer fabrics adding in interest and depth to the garment. While one did get to see some straighter one’s too, a sari and the jumpsuit the variety remained within the realm of pretty safe silhouettes that Nida is known for. What Nida lacks for in variety of silhouettes, she more than makes it up for in surface treatment of the ensembles with a variety of techniques of machine embroidery, zardozi, laser cut, prints and applique. The hints of silver and golds via the use of foil printing was another technique that she brought forth on the runway.

However even though it is the ramp, there were a couple of pieces where the use of silver and gold went a tad bit overboard so much so that the whole effect seemed too plastic-ky for it to be appealing. The over done blouse and inner fell into that category. Also one of the strapless flared tunics was marred by the highlighted crotch region with the use of via same silver. While one did spot a couple of patialas in the collection a high waitsed shalwar paired with strapless short top made the model look much more curvier than required.

TapuFP6_1217 TapuFP6_1263
TapuFP6_1253 TapuFP6_1346

However there were some interesting pieces from the collection too. The beige printed jumpsuit was one of the highlights of the collection primarily because of its pairing with that laser cut shrug. Also what caught my eye was this organza button down shirt layered on with a white on white printed longer tunic with a cigarette capri pants was snazzy and chic. The sole menswear in the collection was a white kurta with a blazer (kurta with a jacket is a recipe for disaster) but somehow it works because of the similar colors (Is she hinting a move towards menswear??) The gharara crossed with bengali dhoti that Rizawanullah sports along though for the ramp, was one of my fav. pieces and I wouldn’t mind sporting it at all.

TapuFP6_1304 TapuFP6_1307

TapuFP6_1320  TapuFP6_1395

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


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