Gilded in Gota

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Before I go on any further, the fashion film by Nubain deserves some attention that he did for Adnan Pardesy.

EXIMIUS BY ADNAN PARDESI -S/S2014 Fashion Film from Nubain Ali on Vimeo.

Gota, for those who don’t know, is a term applied to a ribbon that is woven with metal threads (not anymore) and threads. These ribbons are then shaped and used with an applique embroidery technique usually on edges, creating elaborate patterns.

After the last showing’s hiccup, Adnan more that redeemed himself through his latest outing. When a couturier like Adnan pardesy claims to use something as traditional as gota (did a preview piece on him), you are bound to sit up to see what he comes up with. With his constructional techniques, combined with gota, which is so not easy to use Adnan modulated GOTA according to his textural needs creating visually enthralling ensembles that one at best is left in awe of its effect.

Fabric manipulation and texturization has become Adnan Pardesy’s and he keeps us wondering everytime what would he come up with next pushing himself within his design aesthetic realm. Adnan’s latest offering EXIMIUS, like its name was nothing short of excellence with meticulously worked details of GOTA that were twisted, turned, pleated and stitched down in rows of design that formed the texture on the ensembles. One could not see the base fabric with GOTA built upon it stitch by stitch. The array of silhouettes that included jackets, dresses and pants were combined with solids of contrasts, with whites, blues and blacks were done intelligently. For the finale piece he also threw in two eastern ensembles that were worked in a traditional manner but with his signature manipulated GOTA.

The GOTA colors ranged from goldens, reds, navys, blacks, bronzes, silver and gun metal (my favorite) ones. The visual rich effect that he achieved with clothes without making them heavy (the handwork that we are used to) while still maintaining their easiness of being able to be worn easily was a brilliant masterstroke.

Though the ensembles involving red gota were the weak links, but did not take away from the whole collection and the masterful construction that Mr. Pardesy employed.

TapuFP6_2096 TapuFP6_2111

On the third day I saw the gun metal jacket backstage, worn by Nubain and it was soo pretty!! (sorry I just get excited) and so well meticulously done that all I could do is appreciate the craftsmanship. Ah! how I wish I could afford couture. The golden dress was my another pick that was done in two different shades and a curved design with different textural techniques. Also the ensemble of two different silvers, gun metal and silver also was another favorite. The bronze menswear jacket was another badass couture that made it to my favorites list.

IMG_0499 IMG_0489 IMG_0467 IMG_0501

Take a bow Mr. Pardesy, you redefined our definition of gota. Bravo!!

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team… and some of the shots are by me 🙂


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    Gilded « Musings of a fashion designer said:
    May 2, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    […] the fourth and final day, I went all out with an Adnan Pardesy gota jacket from his EXIMIUS collection from FPW. Having it all about the jacket and have it literally shine (no puns intended), […]

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