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Zainab Chottani veered past her bridals to showcase a pret collection titled Aqua on the second last showing for the night.

Going for an array of sharp tones of orange, blues and greens, combined with black and white graphic prints and colorful embroidery, to her credit, Zainab Chottani did combine these intelligently enough to present us with a decent presentation. The silhouettes ranged from laid back tops, capes, dresses, jumpsuit to high collared halternecks, short dresses and maxi.  While the styling that included top knots, shades and scarf tied around the neck were very seventies references. The vibe echoed through the shape of jumpsuits and pants. The separates definitely showed retail potential, a mark that is usually missed by pret shows going dramatic just for the sake of ramp. What I also liked were the custom made bags made out of graphic prints to contrast the solids of the garments.

Through out the collection, I was reminded strongly of Ishtiaq Afzal’s debut collection owing to the nature of the shape and colors of the embroideries that she chose to use. The floral motifs were similar in shape and also in color. Thankfully this one fit better and was without any embroideries at odd placements. The few solid menswear were basics but nothing home to talk about.

From the collection if i had to choose, it had to be the capes with which the show started but the accessories were the one that I really liked esp the round bag. (the first 4 pictures)

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team

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