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After a brilliant collection last year, Deepak’s collection was one to look for with bated breath as to how he would follow up the exemplary Frida kahlo inspired collection. After the kitschy Frida, Deepak took a turn around and took his girl towards resort wear. Deepak’s resort wear collection really was très chic, keeping in spirit with its title.

Staying within the realm of black, white, gold (all in matte), burnt oranges, blues and digital prints, Deepak pretty much took a different route that surprised quite a few onlookers. Using knit, lame and printed silks, Deepak’s relaxed silhouettes along with vibrant digital prints and tasteful embroidery defined this collection. The pieces ranged from slouched tops and tunics to tailored pants, capris and variations of long and short cocktail and flowing dresses. While the embroidery was kept minimal and at bay, the silhouette of silk dresses was kept simple so as to let the print shine. The easy on the eye collection was chic, breezy and effortless.

Though there were a few misfits here and there that punctuated the collection from being an overall winner. While the two tie and dye silk tunics were very nicely made and I loved those black and white HARLEQUIN PATTERN pants, the tunics had no place in the collection that was heavy on digital prints and solid black and whites. Also in a collection that was sexy, something as shapeless as the orange upper and straight white skirt stood out like a sore thumb. Furthermore the whole collection echoed strong recollection of Maheen Karim and Shehla Chatoor’s earlier collections. We missed the kitschy Deepak.

TapuFP6_1537 TapuFP6_1526 TapuFP6_1517

However there were quite a few pieces that I liked. I LOVED all the printed pants, be it the harlequin, the gold diamond print or even the plain slouched knee length ones. Also loved the entire ensemble worn by Cybil. The pants, the patterned jacket and the black top was an absolute winner. Add to the list the black and white outfit that was effortlessly glam without trying too hard. It was chic, relaxed and oozed a certain sex appeal in that bloused tunic and black skirt.
TapuFP6_1557 TapuFP6_1439
TapuFP6_1558 TapuFP6_1430

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


2 thoughts on “Très chic

    umairhmirza said:
    February 26, 2014 at 10:24 am

    now thats called “INDEPTH” !

    Volume 2 « Musings of a fashion designer said:
    April 22, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    […] Deepak Pervani with his extension of his tres chic collection showcased on Day2.  The extension of his resortwear pretty much was on the same grounds as his collection in Fashion Pakistan Week (read here what all that was about). […]

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