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When you have brilliant combo working for you, you often tend to rely on them while expanding your product lines. Wardha Saleem/Nubain- Jafferjees pairings worked the first time around with much success during Jafferjees’s debut outing last year. With a strong concept and clothes, the combo was lauded and it did not come as a surprise when the combo was all set to repeat their previous success. I had sneak peeks of how Wardha was going to use the logo of Jafferjees in the clothing, but was unsure how would that look but let me tell you, I was definitely impressed how it all came it together.

Incorporating Jafferjees’s logo, Wardha Saleem created an array of chic ensembles with clever placements of the logo in terms of print that one could would not mind wearing just those clothes with the logo. One could see how each bag was complimented, never overpowered by each outfit that it was accompanied with completing the whole picture. The line of bags was more relaxed and resorty, therefore the clothes too resonated the same easy and laid back vibe too. The bags sometimes were part of the whole garment and at the rest provided the perfect accent highlighting the fact that being matchy matchy is not the way to be. The bags ranged from luggages to everyday soft leather as well as structured shaped bags in a wide array of colors apart from the safer blacks, browns and tan. The more youthful vibe was very evident in the product line in terms of how it branched into small lady bags and frilled arm candies in greens, pinks, yellows and corals. Combine them with the clothes and they were successful in transitioning from the corporate vibe they seem to have built up over the years (and yes! I do own a Jafferjees wallet). Also to have something of that good quality and impeccable finish with a Made in Pakistan label and of the brand based here, everyone should be proud.

One of the bags that I spotted had a woven pattern on it similar to Bottega Veneta. Since BV had secured this weave as a trademark/patent (am still trying to understand it), am hoping, they have taken care of it while manufacturing it


My picks, I loved the octupus print with the logo in this Kaftanesque top to which the black and white bag played the perfect accent to. The logo is cleverly incorporated in the print of the relaxed top. Also I absolutely LOVED that white duffle bag. The finish and shape was effing brilliant event in pictures. I loved the last look primarily because of how it was all put together. The ombre dress had the brand’s logo all over but was so subtle and with that the green bag provided the perfect pop of color that it was just perfect look for a fashionable evening/dinner out.

TapuFP6_2865 TapuFP6_2915 TapuFP6_2971


*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


One thought on “Smart Moves

    Zoia said:
    February 28, 2014 at 8:07 am

    What a lovely and elegant collection.


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