The Class-act Bitch

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The avante garde Fahad Husayn has been quitely shifting towards a much more feminine silhouette and colors from the edgy ones that we have been seeing him do. The transition hasn’t quite happened overnight if you see his last two showings. The collection at TDAP was pretty much a witness to how soft can he go in terms of treatment of his ensemble. Fahad Husayn’s latest offering Aristo-Anarchy was “inspired by and created for individuals who are strong headed, carry a certain posture, poise and prudence and at the same time register their authority by their own persona.” The name itself suggested the woman who was edgy but structured in her clothes, commanding the authority of attention as soon as she entered a room.

Fahad Husayn’s this collection too started off with the feminine category but then subdivided towards the edgier vibe . While the beige, greys worked in soft chiffons were meticulous in their embroidered details, the edgier pieces in greys, oranges and maroons were worked upon in prints. What caught my eye,  were the pretty hand embroidery details (at times echoing elie saab) that were worked upon on those ensembles with much deliberation. The first half of the collection seemed dedicated mostly to evening wear with all the luxury ensembles at display. While on the other hand the fierce pret section of the collection contained geometrical and floral prints within structured ensembles. The edgy section was more luxury pret than its counterpart section. The silhouettes ranged from floor length gowns to short body con dresses, as well as tunics, pants, kurtas and sherwani and a structured jumpsuit for men. The construction of garments was as usual spot on with fittings done impeccably specially those dresses.

While I had no complains in the construction department, my dilemma was that the collection seemed like a study in constrasts. While one part of the collection was feminine, soft and luxurious in its appeal, the other one exuded the vibe of the sexy ass fierce bitch who had enough sass to take no shit from anyone. While both these women being glam in their own right and space, coming together within one collection in the same presentation seemed a bit kind of an abrupt collision of concepts. Seeta and Geeta might be two twins but they are as different as chalk and cheese from each other. That said it can’t be ruled out whatever the range that he presented, he definitely and rightly so, showed off how well he could do one as well as the other.

I loved the mini origami brow details on all the models, but the one with just one definitely caught my eye since it seemed unusual and sexy at the same time. My pick from the clothes had to be this strapless cream colored two piece with a brown belt and pockets. The lowers I think are either voluminous pants or a skirt. Combined with that necklace that pulls the whole look together. Wearing a jumpsuit on the same day (yes I was) and spotting one similar on the runway, I was all whistles for it. Another one of my favorites was this dress that was divided into two parts with pleated details below and embroidered chiffon on the top.

TapuFP6_2425 TapuFP6_2283 TapuFP6_2353 TapuFP6_2266

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


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