What the Sheep!!!

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Pret wear brand SHEEP has been around for quite a while now. While their brand has extended into various facets as well, they made their debut at the Fashion week on the second day. However their presentation failed to illicit any positive response from the crowd that was present.

Choosing to showcase their evening wear line that is ironically titled BLACK SHEEP, Sheep kicked off things in a resort manner with silk based outfits that were in flowing silhouettes in floral digital prints. The problem started when silk was given structure. Sorry but a tube top in silk with diamond straps to make it a halter, with major fit issues? a big N O. Why would you do that. Do not display something that either you are not familiar with or are making it for the first time. The prints mostly were those of florals that had potential but were marred by some of the outfits.

The collection later moved onto solids that were adorned with 3D embellishment, of glittery plastic flowers and leaves that left everyone in an absolute shocker since they were TACKTASTIC. The embellishments started off from the front and then extended upwards in most cases, moving out of the garment to become some sort of dramatic piece for ramp value. The garments in chiffon flared silhouettes were nothing home to talk about either.

This part of the collection was completely out of sync with the first half of the presentation without any connection whatsoever. Some of the garments in odd drapes made these petite models look curvier. While it is the ramp, one needs to understand their brand’s vibe and resist the temptation of overdoing things in the name of ramp value exaggeration and drama.  Also was the need to decide what did the brand actually want to showcase in their presentation, step back and questions their decisions. Bringing out the BLACK sheep under the limelight ain’t gonna make it white.

An oppurtunity wasted…

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team

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