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Gulahmed in their latest fashion presentation on the runway, presented the latest range of digital prints that it has been dabbling in for a while. The textile house that has been famous for it’s gul (flowers) turned around to present a melange of digital prints that wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. However it all wasn’t without major flaws.

In the rich hues of gold, blues, greens, violets and rusts, the collection’s main focus were the digital prints that were architectural in nature (mostly ‘islamic architecture’ coz that is what sells) that they had introduced with loads of ombres. These prints were notably converted in a multitude of silhouettes ranging from tunics, shrugs, jumpsuits and pants in chiffons and silks. For once the silhouettes were not the OTT extra flared paneled shirts (panel waali kameezain) and were replaced with much more sleeker shapes and body flattering pants.

However while I do appreciate the brand to move on from that, they adopted the style of many luxury designer of the city. If you have to rip it off, do it so that there is no sense of deja vu amongst the audience that you are presenting to. The silhouettes were all that we had seen before, safe and offered nothing new (and yes basics too can be presented in a way that they represent brand’s philosophy). While the gold prints had a very Shehla Chatoor and Deepak (reminded me of amrita gill collection in places), the pants and the motifs were very Sania Maskatiya. Even many  tassled finishings and styling seemed like a mix echo of Shehla Chatoor and Shamael. While it is not a bad thing, but should have considered that building and showcasing your brand requires work on signature styles and build up of identity.

Even through out the collection, there did stroll down this piece that pale yellow piece with print motifs starting from neckline-narrowing-down-to-crotch (the inevitable lawn formula) that they could not stay away from. Also this another piece with the gold bustier, the pants… OMG lets not even go how unflattering badly fitted that was. And why would you rip that cape into shreds which the model just flounced around as it she was wearing clothes ripped down in strips. Also what could have been changed was the choice such traditionally inclined jewelry for much more sleeker pieces since they struck a weird mismatched note with the pieces.

TapuFP6_4070TapuFP6_4083 TapuFP6_4106

Possibly the only piece I liked was this blue jumpsuit (this is the better shot) sans that cape. It was sleek, and chic well fitted. While Gul Ahmed still has a long way to go in terms of modulating their look, some of the prints did work. Baby Steps!! Baby Steps!


*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


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