Desert Rose

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After the break (that is her brilliant doodle collection), Wardha Saleem for her latest offering taps into another folk inspiration i.e. the camel hair art (its camel hair styling in pretty patterns). Combine that with vintage florals and roses in patterns and you have DASHT E GUL (Desert Rose).

With an earthen color palette, Wardha’s collection included a melange of digital prints of combinations of geometric patterns of the camel hair art and kaleidoscopic floral formations coming together with gilded details. While the floral provided the poppy color accents to the majorly brown tones, the gold riveted details gave the outfits a depth, a luxurious dimension to the outfits. The silhouettes ranged from gown, jumpsuits, many a dresses and various separates in a constructed mix in structured and draped fashion. Apart from digital prints some outfits did sport some interesting embroideries that meshed into the prints but stood out upon a second look. Mrs. Shehnaz Ismail (Wardha and mine mentor too) was the showstopper for her. However the last two looks , the shalwar kameez and the gypsy skirt seemed the pieces that could have been edited out. In a collection that bordered on quite a few dresses and jumpsuit, the shalwar kameez seemed like an odd fit. Also the purple jacket with that beige printed gypsy skirt did not come together well as a whole look. The styling too at most occasions worked for the ramp but at points seemed forced, but I understand the need to be uniform.

However I had quite a few favorites from the collection. The gilded riveted dress over a geometric patterned fabric worn by Sabeeka was brilliant. The pretty printed Sari, the brown jumpsuit with riveted accents and another gold dress with gilded armor shoulder pads also made it to my favorite looks from the collection.

TapuFP6_4607 TapuFP6_4594 TapuFP6_4472 TapuFP6_4473 TapuFP6_4395

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


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