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Mahin Husain’s latest offing was an ode to the feminist  poet Parveen Shakir, who’s poem encouraged the Pakistani women to embrace their femininity whole heartedly titled ‘GET DRENCHED’.  Grooving suitably to the jive of material girl, the collection was, as described by Hussain herself, a ‘personal expressive rant against all the restrictions that are imposed the female sex’. This woman knows her mind and is liberated in every sense of the world, especially off the conventions imposed upon the society.

Giving the reigns to the woman who is in charge of her own life, Mahin’s collection of bags, scarves and belts printed with text and portrait of Parveen shakir by Rabeya Jalil adorned the m. The bags, though lacked finish, but were high on concept and included a range from cross body bags, satchels, clutches, messenger bags, handbags and bucket bags. the scarves and tunics in texts with basic tops and lowers highlighted a chic picture in conveying the message of Mahin to handover the reigns to the woman herself asking be the most brilliant version of herself and living life fully and whole heartedly. The accessories became the symbol of being a torch bearer fighting everyday herculean battles against the norms and living life on own terms. I loved the confident lass uber chic vibe of the presentation. My particular favorite was the portrait print against the green background.

The brilliant touch were the girl text hoop earrings and chokers that added in the extra sass to the don’t mess with me attitude 😉

TapuTapuFP6_4829 TapuTapuFP6_4860 TapuTapuFP6_4810 TapuTapuFP6_4801 TapuTapuFP6_4794 TapuTapuFP6_4786 TapuTapuFP6_4776 TapuTapuFP6_4769 TapuTapuFP6_4759 TapuTapuFP6_4752 TapuTapuFP6_4740 TapuTapuFP6_4737 TapuTapuFP6_4727 TapuTapuFP6_4724 TapuTapuFP6_4710 TapuTapuFP6_4701 TapuTapuFP6_4686 TapuTapuFP6_4839

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team

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