Two birds with one stone

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Faraz Manan’s collection took a very resort approach with this collection.

With calmer tones of peaches, greens and yellows, Faraz’s collection made use of multitude of fabrics that ranged from chiffons and linens to satins and silks. Laid back rompers, kaftans and separates, Faraz Manan had some laid back vibe to quite a few of his silhouettes that made extensive use of digital prints and with being easy on the body and the eye letting the prints shine. He had some creative silhouettes, some of which were layered intelligently creating an interesting juxtaposition of vintage floral prints and lace and solids. Quite a few however were ruined by the un-needed elements.

My problem with the collection was that it tried to do luxury pret and resort together, meaning to kill two birds with one stone, leaving me as a viewer confused as to what were they trying to show. The unnecessary use of handwork (who would want heavily handworked and embellished outfits while on a resort on vacation), and some of the exaggerated silhouettes, made me wonder what happened since he did have some interesting and theme appropriate silhouettes. There was a need to step back to see where the collection was headed. The ombre pants for men didn’t work for me nor did some of the handworked satins and silks (read the one sided embroidered green ensemble), that bordered on being dated while a pink jumpsuit with beads around the armhole and embroidery on the pants was simply ‘tacktastic’ for the lack of better word. A collection that had potential was marred by confused ideas and maybe overt love for embroidery.

I liked the sherwaniesque silhouette. Also an Ikat printed blazer ( (need to find out how much he is retailing it for) with a creative lapel pin caught my attention from this collection.

TapuFP6_4965 TapuFP6_4901

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


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