Defying Gravity

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Nomi Ansari’s costume drama titled GRAVITY was the perfectly suited finale, a befitting end to the fashion week. While many do not love the drama (and their opinions respected), I for one love the drama once in a while. But that drama has to be substantiated with strong content. Though not Galliano by any means but to go all out and provide that sort of presentation on the runway along with some substantial clothes definitely merits some credit.

Orbiting within the realm (all puns intended) of metallics, whites and blacks, the collection went all out with a range of fabrics. From tulle, silks and chiffons to jacquards, sequins and slinky jerseys and reflective surfaces, Nomi had gone all out in his latest offering. Studs, spikes, sequins and handworked embroidery all adorned the clothes in the best possible way. The collection with its theatrics had quite a few wearable pieces, if stripped off the drama. From jumpsuits, dresses, separates, jackets, peplum tops, hand embroidered long shirts, to slouched and fitted pants, Nomi presented a range that showed off his craft (and why not) for fashion. The steam punk specs, the silver shoes (*DROOL*) were few of my favorite things from the collection.

The collection however did go on an exaggerated OTT spree. Many a pieces, though unwearable and for ramp only made it to the show. However the OTT styling went a bit more overboard giving off the vibe of alien-woman-visiting-earth with all that makeup on reminded me of the eighties. Also what I thought that in covering a range of sorts and providing ‘something for everyone’ was a bit tricky to pull off. While the handworked long shirts were immaculately done pieces in their own individual right, after the vibe of the show was set, when they sashayed down the runway one did feel they were a misfit in the bigger picture. Sort of a roller coaster ride show, which we no doubt, definitely enjoyed.

Off the collection, my picks were: the ruffle dress styled with those steam punk shades was an absolute winner. The quirk was just the right amount and those ruffles were woah!!. One of the major things that Nomi introduced was peplum tops. Now I always thought that the peplum is not for the Pakistani woman’s body considering it is ‘hip-py’ but that peplum looked so darn good. While I did like the look of the sequined jacket, well that much sparkle just wasn’t for me. It was a weave over sequin pick for me. The matt light gold jacquard silk jacket and I also wore a green jacquard silk jacket that day, won me over (I wonder how much is he retailing it for!!). I liked the fact that some of the jackets were styled with a bow tie lapel pin (dunno if this one was of fabric or some solid material) but the twist on the classic of shifting the tie was fun, a must try!! As much as I would like to like that jacket, however the woven tory burch insignia kept me at bay. A studded jersey jumpsuit was another of my favs. Loved the laid back vibe of it.

TapuFP6_5362 TapuFP6_5532 TapuFP6_5352 TapuFP6_5499 TapuFP6_5338

Also lets take  a moment for all these men’s shoes that walked down the runway, for they will NEVER be mine (wipes tears). The silver laceup oxfords and the black and silver lace ups were absolute fav. The gold and silver boots came in close second.

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team…and me


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