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Sneak Peak of TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe Red Carpet at FPWS 2014 from TONI&GUY HMW on Vimeo.

Tony and Guy has been one of the major players in the hair styling and product industry. Britian’s most celebrated hair-styling brand, Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe collaborated with the Fashion Pakistan Council to bring forth the latest trends right on from the fashion weeks happening around the world.

Branching out into Glamour, Classic and Casual themes, Toni & Guy encapsulated the hair trends from the runways of London, bringing them right down to Karachi. Joining  hands with three celebrated designers Shehla Chatoor, Maheen Karim and Sadaf Malatere, the styling giant incorporated the styling along with celebrity muses for each designer.

Set at the fashion week, the Toni & Guy lounge with London themed lounge complete with a phone booth and photography session, along with live tweeting session for the tech savvy ones. The lounge was hosted by Adnan Malik and Frieha Altaf introducing a designer each day along with their muse. This was followed by a runway presentation of  four hairstyle along with ensembles during the fashion shows.

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Day1 saw Shehla Chatoor paired, rightly so, with the GLAMOUR theme. The ensembles complemented the hairstyles created by Saeeda Mandvivalla and team, to a T. Playing along the lines of fierce attitude and voluminous hair, was the celebrity muse HUMAIMA MALIK. In an off shoulder gown, she cut a pretty glam picture esp. with the gold tattoo on her back.

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Maheen Karim presented her capsule with TONI&GUY HMW. The hairstyles that the collection accompanied were styled using the classic range. With side parts (we saw a lot of them later at oscars) and statement waves with a twist, styled using  Classic Shine Serum HMW. While I loved the models, I was a bit skeptical about Ayesha Omer’s styling with red extensions, who played the muse for the day. Found it quite a bit overwhelming for someone so petite. A more retro vibe and shorter length would’ve worked better. Felt a bit disconnected to other looks as well apart from the red accents.

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TONI&GUY HMW’s third showcase was with Sadaf Malatere with the  Casual HMW range. Sadaf epitomized the vibe with poppy neons in gowns with young and edgy yet relaxed look. The laid back vibe worked well with the styling and brownie points for the choice of colors. Who better than the preppy Anoushay Asharaf  to be the showstopper for this section. The VJ with her fishtail braid looked very comfy and was quite relaxed.

Toni & Guy is a part of Unilever Pakistan and can be followed at: @hair_wardrobe and #HairMeetWardrobe on twitter.


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