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Geo’s latest presentation, Bashar Momin, boasts of an ensemble cast directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama (Main hoon Shahid Afridi) fame. Now to be honest I did not have much of an expectation for the pilot when I came to know it was the same director since I did not like the movie at all. The drama however had an interesting turn of events when I was called for the blogger’s meetup. While I could not attend it, due to timing, I was told it was all about interactive session of fashion bloggers meetup with the stylists (just my luck!! *sigh*). Meanwhile I did get the press release and the pictures but I was waiting up until the pilot to air to see what all the hype was about.


The first episode had some major potential, after Humayun Saeed in Kaafir, its Faisal Qureshi’s turn to play the baddie and he does it darn well, so much so, that he pretty much overshadows everyone (even I was surprised considering the director’s earlier work). However it is too early to make the call where the plot will head but definitely one to look out for.

While designer collaborations are nothing new, been happening since Tee Jays designed for television plays, in recent times Feeha Jamshed for Shehrezaat made some ripples. Bashar Momin’s styling is one of the very high end production value in recent times. While many are judgemental of the fact that style and glam takes over the acting quotient, since that is what this post is going to be about, it is too early to make that call where the drama goes. One of the interesting facts is that different designers have been roped in for each character. Reminded me of the movie Baabul which pulled off a similar feat.

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Faisal Qureshi’s wardrobe is done by Ahmed Bham. Ahmed Bham is one of the leading menswear designer in Pakistan and with his tailored fit, the pilot itself was pretty much good enough to impress anyone. Faisal Qureshi plays the lead character BASHAR MOMIN who is a baddie. But this baddie is no ordinary villan. He might have the moustache and beard to intimidate anyone but his wardrobe is as as suave as a shrewd businessman with taste. The solid colored layered suits with patterened color accents were interesting pairing with the unapologetic and delectably negative vibe of the chatacter. Kudos to Production designer Tehmina Lodhi to incorporate stuff like rings and slick accessories to provide those details. I definitely spotted what I think was K for Karachi ring by Khaula Jamil (I still am waiting to get a confirmation on that). His wardrobe is going to be one to definitely look out for. The unabashed sophisticated suave baddie, a much much better polished version of Anil Kapoor from Tashan.

Ushna Shah’s wardrobe pretty much disappointed me from the moment after the engagement. Rani Siddiqi has still a long way to go. The character is pretty one note with this girl who does not talk to his fiance (rolls eyes!! seriously) despite being aaj ke zaamane ki larki (today’s girl) and goes on bickering about how burger is his husband to be coz he is from Amreeka (yes she says it like that). More so the wardrobe with its floor length panelled shirts looks very dated, and engulfed the poor petite actress. No one wears them while doing everyday chores. Being a designer one is dressing the character

Sami Khan who I believe is the ‘Amreekan husband-to-be’ hasn’t made an appearance on the show yet. His wardrobe is by Cotton and cotton.

Yasir Mazhar who plays ushna shah’s brother looks more Amreekan than the one who is playing it…hehehe.. well model-cum-actor with his looks and impeccable styling done by N-GENTS (more on that later) looks suave and coupled that outfits from Humayun Alamgir, he definitely gives some tough competition to the leads. Like Nolan Ross in revenge, who is not central but knows how to make an impact. Hopefully he acts better as the series progresses or else would be an opportunity lost.

Maheen Khalid’s wardrobe is provided by Ambreen Khalid. No comments those..yet.

The jewellery is done by fourth generation jeweler Nadia Chhotani. Keep a lookout for some interesting traditional statement pieces to look out for.

Nabila headed the hair and make-up looks during the course of shooting. N-PRO for the beauty looks of the female actors and N-GENTS  for the male actors’ grooming. While females were ok with their pretty buns and hair perfectly in place, it was the men who grabbed much more attention in that department. Be it the crop cut of Yasir Nawaz or the baddie look of Faisal Qureshi, this one certainly grabbed eyeballs and all for the right reasons. These men on the cast definitely get the better deal in terms of styling which they nail bang on

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