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Sania Maskatiya has imprinted herself in the minds of almost every woman I know of. Those who don’t own her, want to, and those who do, they just continue to want more. The young firebrand with her brother has developed such a client that is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Building upon her strengths, Sania seems to have master the art of using prints in ensemble esp. print on print. Sania has always been associated with taking inspiration but playing it safe with geometric shapes and patterns that work well with the imagery. The collection titled Kuamka: The Awakening saw Sania steer the brand towards a new direction towards the African regions.

Sania Maskatiya (26)

In a pleasant surprising turn of events, Sania took on a kitschy route in this collection of hers with bold splashes of color and imagery in prints that form the mainstay of her collection. The fun kitschy prints in brave strokes were paired with black and white patterns. One of the pieces went onto have big black woman right on the front with some embellished detail on her to highlight details right in your face. Loved it. Though a couple of pants did have a print converging in but thankfully it missed the crotch point. Though the collection had quite a few print tunics and pants (the woman has mastered the art of print on print and has a clientele eating out of her hand), I was glad that she moved on to experiment with interesting streamlined silhouettes, tailored lowers, cropped and peplum tops.

I loved the fact that Sania took a fresh approach towards presenting a collection considering her recent past collections have had started to fit into a mould of sorts, moving towards monotonous image of the brand. Going kitschy without losing her signature style of sorts and keeping it luxury pret is no mean feat.

Sania Maskatiya (7) IMG_2389 Sania Maskatiya (21) Sania Maskatiya (19) Sania Maskatiya (13) Sania Maskatiya (11) IMG_2361 Sania Maskatiya (24) IMG_2360

However Sania’s foray into menswear left me a bit confused and on the fence. While they seemed a bit tad dated, the big fold up cuff at the hem of the pants was quite a turnoff (yes the size of the cuff matters specifically when its printed). While I did like the cheeky Monkey printed waistcoat and the bandhgala (both made it to my picks see below), The fit of the first suit was completely off with assymetric lapels with a same printed collar did not go down well with me. The tiger jacket that Umair Tabani, the business savvy brother of Sania, and admin head at the brand, was sporting the next day was intriguing but was held in hand during the presentation and couldn’t be seen.

My picks: the dolman sleeve long snug tunic, the tailored pants and crop top, the BIG BLACK woman on front… sista! that top is sure to bring out sass in any woman (the kind Mindy had in the movie THE HELP 😉 ) , the colorful jacket with black and top and white on white printed pants, the cheeky monkey grid waistcoat and the embroidered bandhgala

Sania Maskatiya (6) Sania Maskatiya (10) Sania Maskatiya (17) Sania Maskatiya (22) Sania Maskatiya (16) Sania Maskatiya (23)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly … and me


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    That Paki Boy said:
    April 18, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Haye. Mera dil aa gaya tha iss collection pe 😀 Loved it a lot. Very fresh and “cool”

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