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Kayseria with their Katputhli ( string puppet theater native to Rajasthan and yes kutch  is in Gujrat but borders on Rajasthan) tamasha showcased the last show in high street section. Relegating to the same Kutch reference material that they did in FPW, their showing was styled differently compared to the earlier show. Looks like the brand has their muse set for this year and why not? Its good to have a clear direction. Earlier one however was the lawn show, this one was the prêt show from what I gauged.

Going about with almost the same prints, with many other though in tow, Keysaria started off with the sarees that he had showed in Karachi, but graduating on towards tunics, and separates that will hopefully make their way to the stores in the coming months. The pants, palazzos and tunics at various occasions were prints paired along with mostly solids to avoid it all being overwhelming. The vibrant folksy prints from basant and kites to rajasthani puppets to mud houses (in their lawn line too) made its way to the collection. Though their two shows did seem like lawn and stitched lawn pieces, but kudos to them for pulling both of them with varying degree of success.

The styling was changed up to make the models mimick the rajasthani puppets, it wasn’t overdone to the point of being OTT gimmicky. They know that their limitations and the fact that this was a high street showing.

However while in a bid to appeal to a younger audience, the styling was better than FPW. Yes i do get it that you want to keep it thematic, but that doesn’t mean you go all the way, I would have loved to see some fun options of going say everyday understated styling. Kurtas, after kurtas, after kurtas in varying length and prints does tend to get a bit monotonous… Yes they sell the most, but a variation would have been good (BEECH TREE anyone!!). Two of the wide panelled kurtas paired with wide legged palazzos felt wee bit off and contributed in expanding the silhouette. While I loved those neons, I wish there would have been much more in terms of trims and all too so that this would feel more connected. Accessories like the bags could have been avoided since with all the socked hand and puppetery going on, they felt a bit forced.

Kayseria 11-4-14 (44) Kayseria 11-4-14 (165) Kayseria 11-4-14 (183)

I LOVED the props, the umbrellas just won me over. I would sooo want one for myself…*sigh* wishes.. wishes…. Loved the tunic worn by Rubiya.. the puppets at the hem were fun and quirky. I also loved the repeated patterns of framed puppets that had a certain handrawn/ pop arty quality to it.

Kayseria 11-4-14 (233) Kayseria 11-4-14 (75)

Kayseria 11-4-14 (230) Kayseria 11-4-14 (201)

 *Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly

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