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SAMSARA BY SHEHLA CHATOOR – Spring/Summer 2014 from Nadir Firoz Khan on Vimeo.

Before the review here (above) is the fashion film that was showcased before the fashion presentation. Directed/edited by Nadir Feroz Khan and Styling/Art Direction by Maha Burney. Fashion films are the latest fad that have picked up especially during fashion week presentations. Apart from Nubain (whom we saw do 3 of these during FPW), NFK and Abdullah Haris at PSFW stepped into this realm. The more, the merrier.

Shehla Chatoor’s latest offering Samsara had nothing but luxe at its best. Putting her best fashion foot forward, Shehla Chatoor’s presentation also debuted her jewellery line with this collection. Featuring her signature printed ensembles Shehla was no holds barred unapologetically sensual and luxurious for the woman who loves herself. Vanity is one sin that is every woman’s favourite 😉 and she definitely commanded that beast with ease.

Starting off with saris, Shehla, showcased her rendition of the modern take on the sari with printed ones and her signature fringes. The collection then moved onto silk draped and embroidered tunics with printed silk shawls. She also showcased many dresses that were paired up with capes and jackets, pant suits with lavishly embroidered jackets, long loose kaftan-esque off shoulder dresses and gowns that are sure to make their way to red carpet this awards season. The pre-tied saris and the printed ones were one of the highlights of the show and drew major applause. The pre-knotted sari caught eye for all the right reasons…keeping a lookout for it this awards season. The embroidery used was the particular Parsi Gara embroidery that was combined with print and gold accents and handwork so as to up its ante, since it is majorly a thread based embroidery technique. These metallic accents were included so as to bring out the richness and luxury the brand is known for.

The whole collection had a certain oriental feel to it, esp. in terms of prints which strongly resonated a certain buddhist references and a certain Buddhist vibe resonated throughout the collection. The referencing of the stupas (mound-like or semi-hemispherical structure containing Buddhist relics) was very much evident, but credit to the designer that she did not give it all in your face. The prints in sharp as well as earthen tones, combined with the gold, were quite the picture. This woman knows her gold and knows it well. With her aesthetics in place, she kept the presentation clean and simple with models gliding down the ramp. The mysterious aura of the models, via styling helped to bring forth the whole mythical belief of human soul travelling through cycle of reincarnation or the SAMSARA.

IMG_2891 IMG_2820 Shehla Chatoor (16) Shehla Chatoor (17) Shehla Chatoor (15) Shehla Chatoor (35) Shehla Chatoor (18) Shehla Chatoor (19) Shehla Chatoor (20) Shehla Chatoor (26) Shehla Chatoor (27) Shehla Chatoor (28) Shehla Chatoor (37)

While it may not be my personal taste, I wasn’t too fond of those extra long dramatic fringes, which though are totally Shehla’s signature and she makes them work. Also with such a strong print based collection, I found the last three matte gold pieces comparatively forced, compared to the seamless vibe of the collection. With no print element, even in trims, they seem rather disconnected from the whole collection, and go off a wee bit in another direction, even though they were soo good.

My picks: The black and the white ensembles esp. the jacket of the white and those studded pants were out to do some serious damage..loved’em. The black and red cape was one of my fav prints, and the ear cuff jewellery and the whole look by Rubya Chaudhry was just glam! Also I loved the accessories, the studded cluches were chic and went onto every woman’s wanted list.

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly…and me


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust

    That Paki Boy said:
    April 21, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Two words: Lustrous perfection!

      owais responded:
      April 21, 2014 at 7:31 pm

      couldn’t agree more

    umairhmirza said:
    April 21, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Ur blogpost is as sexy as samasara collection . Loved reading it .

    AFAAAAAAAA « Musings of a fashion designer said:
    May 7, 2014 at 1:00 am

    […] Samsara collection was bound to make an appearance on the red carpet. And as I said earlier in my review, it would definitely be snagged up, and it did. With a host of celebs opting for it, this […]

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