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Muse presented the second last collection of the night titled FOIL WRAPPED CANDY.

Muse 11-4-14 (638)

Dabbling in reds, blues, pinks and neons, the collection presented a range of similar wrapped silhouette evening dresses and gowns one after the other. While altering the color and type of fabrics in few and introducing the flower motifs made out of thread tassles in others placed at various positions. Also included were cropped tops and voluminous skirts. Also I got to see some sheer dresses and some play of opaque and sheer in terms of fabric. To some extent they did manage a cutesy girl vibe using ‘delicate mousseline silks, metallic dusted tulle, and lurex infused silks’ bu Muse’s collection went pretty one note after a certain moment.

While many condemned the poor things for the use of the shiny fabric, they pretty much owned it with the fact that their theme was candy wrapped in FOIL. Their fabric was very pretty no doubt, but it was the treatment of that fabric that led the collection heading nowhere. Metallic has been used by DVF and Michael Kors with quite success and sadly Muse wasn’t able to bring it upto that mark. Metallic is a tricky terrain and they also sorta fell into trap of not picking the right tone of metallic and went a bit overboard with it. It was really hard to see beyond so much metallic… ALL FOIL, NO CANDY. The sequined sheer fabric had quite a bit of potential but that too was limited to wrap and straight maxi dresses. The dress worn by Rubya Chaudhry had length issues, there were three similar white dresses ( I mean who does that unless you are doing 16 to make a dramatic statement and all out at one instant)

Muse 11-4-14 (471) Muse 11-4-14 (70) Muse 11-4-14 (99) Muse 11-4-14 (137) Muse 11-4-14 (155) Muse 11-4-14 (311)

Worse were those tassled sequined flowers that looked anything but luxe from where I saw it. They more so, looked tack-tastic on net and that too on a shapeless wrap dresses… doesn’t really do much for you darling !!! or the model. The Finale was probably the worst one, a wrap dress (again) with neon sequins all over looked more like a bathrobe than a wrap dress. Adding to the woes was how shapeless it had gone expanding the petite model beyond her frame. The designer herself looked better dressed than her models. Footwear was another one of the few things that needed attention instead of those metallic flats.

Muse 11-4-14 (241) Muse 11-4-14 (342) Muse 11-4-14 (187) Muse 11-4-14 (515) Muse 11-4-14 (283) Muse 11-4-14 (223)


This could have been quite a bit of a collection if the makers would have exercised some control over it considering the fabric was as dramatic as it was. Since me and a fellow blogger Maliha Rao were excited for it, I for one was disappointed, more like expectation crush. The green collection somehow now looks better compared to this one. MUSE…There were more misses than hits during the presentation. WE HAVE SEEN YOU DO BETTER. However there were a few pieces that I liked were the first two which had a certain play of opaque and sheer and went with simpler silhouettes. I liked the scratchy sheer feel with the metallic opaque fabric and the interplay of two and a navy sheer maxi dress. A white maxi dress was styled rather well compared to other pieces. Also fellow blogger IKRAM spotted a key hole box clutch…very chic.

Muse 11-4-14 (19) Muse 11-4-14 (54) Muse 11-4-14 (263) Muse 11-4-14 (379) IMG_3085

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly…and me


3 thoughts on “Candy…Crush

    ikramdotkhalid said:
    April 23, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    lol at all foil no candy…

      owais responded:
      April 23, 2014 at 8:52 pm

      hahaha I knew you would notice that *snap*

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