Awfully Displaced

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Making her debut in the high street section, Rodaba Omer followed up after generation with a collection ironically titled Tehzib. Islamic motifs, patterns…*yawn* … her collection in most parts failed to impress particulary because we have seen such better versions of similar theme done rather well in the past(Sania Maskatiya anyone!!!)

Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (182) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (126)
Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (91) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (74)

Basing her collection in chiffons and silks, the lady in question relied heavily on digital prints of Islamic motifs, arches and patterns. However I just failed to understand some of the placements of these prints. Arches on a dress converging right down to a door which ends up being right at the crotch of the model, slits happening high up till the crotch point… I mean all had me baffled as to where is Tehzib?? Sexual innuendos or not… it very much so elicited some hilarious responses on my Instagram. I failed to understand if the designer stepped back and give a good look to what she was doing and assessing what is happening…and being a debut, such things should be taken care of more so. To make matters worse these two dresses made an appearance on regular people the very next day *HORRRORS*, The designer offered nothing new in terms of print and many of the images even I could identify I had used during my university days, using the same theme to DESIGN prints.

Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (38) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (56) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (261)

The silhouettes ranged from skirts, tops, pants and dresses. The pants in that GOD-awful lilac color and material were such a bad fit and exposed all the stitching problems along the seams in an instant. The crotch points running off in all directions.. I thing major re-evaluation needed to be done. Odd blocks of printed and cutwork in patterns were totally off the mark be it in pants, side of skirt of front of the top. The screaming orange with that gold against blues, did not work at all and the strap for one of the dresses just kept falling off… FITTINGS people…fittings. She did try to play with sheer fabric and layer some of the tops and garments, but they were nothing home to talk about.

Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (21) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (192) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (336) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (209) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (226) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (310)

While I already discussed the printed dilemmas of the collection, one of the looks with printed top, fitted mini skirt and lace patterned stockings made the poor model look like hooker on the prowl…Tehzib REALLY!!! and the yellow skirt with that top :O where do I begin, the frumpy top with that gathered skirt did not cut a pretty picture on the ramp. Even the finale dress was a weird concussion with that gold and orange patch reminiscing of the 90s hindi films, paired with that hair and dip dye was one mess that wasn’t even hot.

Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (164) Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (146)
Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (426)

The only respite and some potential I found was in the long gown with digital print.. barring the bright spot (what is with this lady and converging patterns), the ensemble had quite a bit of potential.

Roodaba Omar 12-4-14 (291)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly


One thought on “Awfully Displaced

    aamiriat said:
    April 25, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    sigh and people say I was the only one saying bad things about them in my review

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