It’s a Jungle Out there

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The first thing that I asked Nida when I came out of the show.. Nida when will you not make NOT pretty… she laughed it off responding non chalantly ‘ I will NEVER make NOT PRETTY’ and rightly so. She has developed a signature her clientele abides by it and rather faithfully..even her quirky is pretty. Her take on Urban Jungle was possibly her best prêt presentation yet.

Graduating from Whites in her last collection, Nida Azwer’s this collection featured whites with tones of blush pinks, peaches, sepias and accenting them off with greys. Perfectly in line with summers she used cotton, nets, silks, chiffons and organzas in a variety of silhouettes that are pretty much on Nida’s home turf. Thank God there were no anarkalis this time around.. but from pretty saris, to flared floor length ensembles to skirts and separates with structured and layered tunics, the shapes were quintessentially the brand is known for. And now since she has her own stores, all of them and their trickle downs will make their way there. The understated but chic collection made use of sheer layering as well as

Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (193) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (143) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (470) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (444) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (330) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (503)

The prints botanical and animal prints were the major and the hightlight of the collection from which the titled Urban Jungle was drawn. The detailed and finely done prints were a testament of her expertise on the craft of it. Be it the silhouetted foliage, the botanical drawings, the zebras or the birds… Loved ‘Em..The prints combined with other techniques as well as embroideries in those tones came together for a calm, collected and chic collection. The collections were done in various compositions and done rather well with attention paid to detail. The printed collection employed many techniques like cutwork (which has now NIDA stamp onto it), and foil printing (Thank God not in the same amounts as the last collection) and hand embroidered embellishments to add certain dimension to the whole outfit.

Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (44) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (170) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (193) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (121) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (367) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (387)Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (629)

The half and half one looked more like a half baked after thought of sorts since it looked a lil dated and considering the collection on such clean lines, it looked rather frumpy. Also I was on the fence with the hot pants under sheer skirts and maxi length dresses. Not the fact that the look was a bit 2012-ish, but while it did look good, at occasions looked like boxer shorts especially when with floor length maxi dresses. Possibly would have worked if the skirts would have been more delicate and streamlined than being bit voluminous. Minor gripes…minor gripes, they don’t take away from the fact that it was a good showing.

Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (346) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (341) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (285)

My picks.. the cutwork blouse Sari and the zebra printed border were my top two picks. The Sari had to be there. The cutwork blouse with its full sleeves was pretty, delicate and had an air of aristocracy specially how that sari was draped. The zebra border on the accented dip dye was the pretty but quirk… a hard but fun to find balance. Loved the robins amongst foliage prints on the sari. I also liked the first look with layered tunic with a silhouetted leaf print. The asymmetric tunic was another one that caught my eye with different prints and the printed layered pants, instead of a skirt or a tunic were fun.

Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (411) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (428) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (230) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (62) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (11) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (214) Nida Azwer 12-4-14 (83)

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly


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