Striped Affair

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (CrossRoads) / Tee (random shop) / Pants (Zainab Market) / Shoes (Regal Store) /
Necklace (StoneAge) / woven hand band (gifted)

You can possibly never go wrong with black and white paired with a color. For Day 3, I did have a few calls, but chose to go with this one coz it looks chic, is easy breezy casual and fun at the same time. And since Day 3 was going to be a LONG day with 9 shows and two breaks, I wanted something easier to move around in. I was glad that guys from attire club were there to help me out with that. I know I know the non wearing capey styled jacket needs to go.. but I was long over due to try it out therefore did so with the black suede motorbikish jacket from crossroads. The striped tee is always a good idea to be paired with a solid color since it has that sort of graphic-y element to it. I chose to go with berry colored pants coz .. cummon!! how many of you expected me to go down that route 😛 .. Nude loafers were my calling for the day since they perfectly contrasted the pants and accented the whole look as well. Finishing off I went for a metal shark tooth necklace and a woven handband the curved square shaped specs finishing off the look.

*Images courtesy Mutahir Mahmood and Ikram Khalid


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