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Among all the fashion filled affairs were the sponsor activities that took place during all four days. Like last year Sunsilk, the title sponsors, collaborated with designers for four Sunsilk designer edition bottles. However this time around things went for an interesting toss as sneak peeks of these bottles were released with an envy worthy lounge arranged everyday in accordance with the theme.. attendees and twitteratis had a bit of guessing game who was the designer behind that particular day’s bottle. Every designer designed the bottles with their signature elements and designs and what better place to launch peeks of collab than a fashion week. RAK Associates did a brilliant job in creating some really chic spaces translating those signatures in form of an interior space. My personal favourite being the one on Day 2 with all blacks and golds.. just chic…loved those armchairs. Also a shout out to the team at Golin Haris, Thank you.


IMG_2225 IMG_2226


Day 3 (i)


Also Magnum Pleasure Bar returned this time around after its immense success last year. Owing to its immense popularity, year was no different. The bar returned with increased amount of toppings to choose from with white vermicelli being my favourite one and trust me I had to fight my way into in for all three days…fourth day sadly I couldn’t make it coz it was such a mob that I thought it was better to keep my distance. A tip: a bit of a rock salt does wonders and gives a different dimension to the whole sweetness. I was definitely not sorry to spoil myself with some indulgence.

One of the major sponsors with some breathtaking carpets were this Lahore based carpet company called Abbas carpets. These hand knotted carpets, purely Pakistani to the core, and international in standards were … excuse my language.. FUCKIN AMAZING… Loved a self on self green and a yellow/ochre goldenish one and definitely went onto my wishlist…I am usually very hard to please more so when it comes to interiors since it has to be something that has to be in use for quite a while… but was left pretty impressed *note to self… need to save a lot*
IMG_2791 1795647_739836222717205_4866776757606998744_n


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