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The buggy love of Zara Shahjahan came across with more hits than misses in second presentation of the day. The quirky collection, because of its subject matter, and treatment in print was one of the major talking points of the show. The fun elements and youthful vibe kept the whole presentation interesting.

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (759)

Using bugs as her main focus with a good… a very good amount of flora thrown in, this collection made it to many women’s must have list. Using her reference material, she created running buggy prints as well as placement specific ones. However she kept it from being gross and made them into fun elements through the rendering of the drawings of the prints. The overall bug prints were my favourite. The visually exciting collection had quite a few of florals prints running through it with butterflies too that. Most of these prints were balanced off with an introduction of a solid color into the look. These prints at a few occasions were also embellished with hand embroidery. The one that caught my attention was a dragonfly repeated and embellished.

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (298) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (335) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (390) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (559) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (362) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (670)

Major points to the lady for keeping the silhouettes clean and fuss free sans any drapes letting the prints shine. The straighter and structured look ran throughout the collection with jackets, pants, skirts, jumpsuits and crop tops. She, at many points, lets print do all the talking which was a good move. While the buggy-ness of it all might not appeal to all, the ones willing to have some fun, will surely snag it up as soon as it hits the store. Using silk, tulle and organza in her collection, she at points did play up with the sheer vs opaque layering, however I did wish she had explored that more in order to give depth and dimension in some of the ensembles. She managed to present a collection that had its share of hits and misses but scored major points because of its fun prints. The clothes were also paired with embroidered clutches that provided poppy accents to the looks.

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (114) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (147) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (446) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (186) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (235) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (493)

However there were sadly more than one miss in a collection that had such fun energy running through it. The sheer embroidered top with such a high neck seemed either not pressed or quite ill fitting. The skirt paired with it too, the whole look, with those earrings, looked like the look was trying too hard but not succeeding. Also the finishing of the same skirt along the hemline.. the puckering was pretty much evident. The sheer skirt, with a printed top, with a jacket, looked kinda all too much for one look. At one end (the top) it looked fun sans that blazer (such a unifor blazer) while below the waist the embroidery made it kinda look formal..combining two different vibes in a look is a pretty difficult terrain to tread on. Also the formal black and yellow piece, as much as I liked it, the look, with its evening and polished elan-esque vibe looked disconnected from the whole collection. Also the overlapped boxy silhouette, though not suppose to have any shape, looked rather frumpy and like an overlapped coat that was waiting to be taken off for the dress to be revealed (the other boxy silhouette was better than this one). The hemlines puckered and wobbled at more occasions than one and it was so sad to see that considering it was one collection that had all the potential to probably be flawless in execution.

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (530) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (591)
Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (420) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (403)

What I liked…the running prints of bugs and what she did with them. The structured dresses were a masterstroke with both the prints. The blue jumpsuit with green clutch was such an undertoned and brilliant ode to ‘a bug’s life’. Love the strapless jumpsuit and how well it was stitched (what happened later then??)… Also the first look the short crop top with those printed Capri pants..loved the look.

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (26) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (62)
Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (90) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (223)

Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly


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