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Ever since her Ram leela stint, Anju Modi has been one designer to look out for. While many other ones disappointed, Anju modi sprung up an interesting surprise during the couture week with her presentation and was just enough better than quite a few many of the designers. In a pale color palatte, Anju Modi’s presentation was devoid of any drama or theatrics. The woman definitely has worked on her finishes (which were lacking in Ram Leela) and presented with quite a few interesting options and silhouettes. While the embroidered net saris were a bit of 90s deja vu, the craftsmanship was worth it. Also the unusual printed blouses were enough to keep one interested in the collection. She did stray into Anamika Khanna territory with those dhoti pants and with some success, and  one funny looking male ensemble which was an amalgamation of lucknowi kurta tunic and arab long tunic…not a present sight. However having said that  she presented some interesting menswear options especially those dhotis, but the suit with that embroidery highlighting the crotch area and that sherwani were not wise moves. The last ensemble worn by Kangana was also one of the better ones in presentation

colg 3_1.preview colg 4_0.preview colg 7_1.preview colg8_0.preview anju-modi-couture-week-2014-1 anju-modi-couture-week-2014-3 colg 1_1 colg 2_0.preview

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