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Moving to another city can always be a daunting experience for some… settling in and all comes with its own set of fears.. I, however, have just begun to settle in sydney and just found out about this collaboration of indie artists, musicians, up coming fashion makeup and hair stylists, and performance artists all coming together under one roof. RAW artist is basically just that, a collaboration that travels many major cities providing up coming local artists an oppurtunity and a platform to show themselves off…and whats more is someone from city can showcase in another one too. I, for one, found out about the exhibit since one of my colleagues was having her fashion presentation and I for one, am always up to provide support provided I like the work. There were quite a many artists, some sculptural, others with their paintings that made up for the whole exhibit.  While there were quite a bit of performances which stretched the event a wee bit more than required, I did stay back for the fashion presentation. The designers showcased four to five pieces with the finale being more…

HOLLY EVA Holly eva Showcased a line of tribal necklaces with basics. However what was interesting was the styling that was a mix of a modern retro with a splash of vintage that elevated the whole thing to another level. The visual artist worked with a variety of materials for these pieces some being quite the punchy statements and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


LAURA PRICE: One of the wearable ones of the lot, this young grad took onto the centre stage with minimal ideas woven into a very retail friendly thought. While the wrap dress definitely made for a good statement, the separates sort of demanded a better fit and I wanted to see more (or maybe it was the model who did not seem too interested). The menswear were identical and blended into the presentation but could have been styled better, but definitely someone I would like to see more from. The sombre color palette was kinda interesting but they styling lacked a certain finesse and fierceness, which it needed.


SURFACE & SYMBOL Maria’s clothes RTW presentation was clean and simple without any unnecessary drama. The nude/gold color palette with coral accents worked well along with the almost self print that she used gave it a bit of dimension. A note… the opening piece, the jumpsuit, was definitely fitted very well, quite the feat that many still miss a beat on. The capsule presentation was cohesive and ready to be sent out to the stores. My only gripe was the tunic with a jacket, the model wasn’t too great in terms of presenting it, therefore defeated the purpose of the whole shapelessness of it.


VIVIAN TUNG The futuristic vibe of Vivian Tung’s presentation was hard to miss with the first garment itself that made its way to the presentation. All in white, the young tung (rhyme!! much) used a variety of materials into an interesting mix of shapes that were from hard edged to flared. From plastics to to fabric, the combination was quite effortless also thanks to the styling that paid an ode to the ice queens.. It was interesting to see how young designers are moving towards exploration of materials for fashion …  this futuristic bitch could switch her feminine side in a flick.


Another futuristic collection that made excellent use of light in presentation. Dissonance was probably the only one out of all who’s music complimented the whole presentation. With the acidic femme fatale feel, the brand made use of what seemed like materials upscaled for fashion garments. At many points they succeeded too with the origamic projections and shapes, what worked in their favor was the containment to just two colors of acidic green and black that played off visually brilliantly against each other. While clothes were a bit experimental, I would not be surprised if the brave ones step out on in it.

With her oriental influences and sharp lines, Seri Lee’s presentation (the finale) was much more than your average presentation. A performance art overlapped into it, the whole setting with the fashion presentation was interesting and one surprisingly never overpowered the other. The japanes influences and some attempt at deconstruction was clearly evident from the garments that were a mix of menswear and womenswear. With clean patterns and cultural references, the show made one sit up precisely because it made you expect the unexpected as to what would models do next. From martial arts positions to graduating to catwalk, it was an interesting transformation. I definitely liked quite a few statement menswear pieces that I could probably style my way. Nicely done.

A special shoutout to Vanessa Bailey who was doing special effects makeup on spot throughout the event and presented two models. One of the better makeup jobs that I have seen. Hollywood are you listening??


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