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I finally found a hair stylist… and he is BLOODY GOOD…

For all of you those who know me, know that one thing I am all finicky about, after my clothes, is my hair. Moving to Sydney that was one of the things I was worried about!  duh!! you need a haircut. Looking around where is what and how and going through quite a few pages (read alot) and portfolios I stumbled upon Paul Anthony and that too on Instagram from all the places.

Owing to certain past experiences, I am always worried about trying out new places concerning my hair and this was no different. However Paul pretty much puts you at ease once you walk in. A brief consultation on what would look good and what not and  how to go about it, you are pretty much on the way to good hair. A line that is not used by me for many but Paul knows his stuff. He knows what he is doing, what would work, what would not. Providing hair styling services to both men and women, this daredevil hairstylist has been at running his own salon for over a year now and worked his magic over several weaves. From giving customized advice to achieving the best possible result, you could see that he loved what he did (not many people can claim that) and is dedicated to the craft. As far as I am concerned, he gives you product suggestions..what to use, what not to, what would suit the hair and gave me tips and tricks to how to control my mop (we all know these curlies can go pretty wild after the day). It was pretty much a no brainer for me why I would go to him again after seeing my hair after 6 hours of going around town and going about my day and they retained their shape. Yayyyee!!!

For someone as finicky as me, I can now say that your hair is definitely in good hands. Located easily in Diamant Hotel in Potts Point, If you need your hair taken care of, and you are in Sydney.. hop over to his Salon



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