Sneak Peek: Fashion Pakistan Week A/W14 Part 1

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Fashion Pakistan Council decided to step things up a notch by thankfully not avoiding a Fashion Week this fall. While I may not be there in person, I will still be reviewing the collections and putting up previews and teasers.

Emraan Rajput Sketch 1509812_373113369515395_7337963935040764486_n
Emraan Rajput
The designer has taken upon himself the mammoth task of picking up the most over used and done theme to run through his collection. Military. Since I have seen some brilliant interpretations of it, Rajput has a huge task of impressing not just me but almost everyone since the concept has attained almost a classic status in modern times. Unless someone can bring something new or adventurous to the table with this theme, it should not be tempered with. Rajput has taken upon himself to shoulder this responsibility. With coats, belted jackets, trousers and even hoodies along with the use of prints, Emraan Rajput will present military inspired pieces in his fall offering atly titled ALPHA. Going for the tough look, Rajput hopefully will be able to do justice. We are watching.. No pressure 😛

FnkAsia has had its share of hits and misses onto the ramp with its previous outings that it showcased. While the brand skipped last fashion week to concentrate on business, Huma Adnan returns with a folk spirited collection as her latest offering. The collection, like her previous presentations is bound to present folksy elements and techniques that is synonymous with the brand. It is waited to be seen what folksy fun and silhouettes does the brand offer this time around since it has had some fun times in the past.

DnF (3) DnF (1) 1002528_665280443586574_2323604215441487294_n

Deepak and Fahad have steadily moved into the realm of womenswear from when they started. While they too skipped a season, it is surprising that the brand is going for a monochromatic look considering their past collections. The black and white collection or prosaically ‘siyah sufaid’ will be a mix of menswear and womenswear in stark constrasts of black and white. A quite a bit of texture play and embroideries are expected and something they would have to nail. A slight mistake and they would be under fire since they are playing with contrasts and there is no other option but to ace it or else their chosen concept might go all out against their own ensembles.

Nauman Arfeen
Known for his constructed menswear, specifically groomswear to be precise, Nauman Arfeen showcased a blue and brown collection last time around. Though his bridal outing was one of those better left unspoken of, the man is back with what he does best. Going the signature fine tailoring way, it is waited to be seen if he includes any womenswear (no surprises if I tell you everything). Going the black way with intricate needlework, Nauman Arfeen better make up for his last womenswear outing that he is still not forgiven for.

Nida Azwer -  The Renaissance Collection for  Fashion Pakistan Week
Nida Azwer
Fourth collection in a row in a single year, Ms. Azwer seems to be a on a roll. With two successful runs earlier this year, the fab Urban Jungle and Arabesque, and a bridal collection Ghalib, a lot is riding on Azwer’s shoulder to deliver a third hit in a row. The lady though seems unfazed. With her ‘Renaissance’ offering, she is sure she is going to deliver what the brand is known for and how it has developed over the years. While she experimented with prints and techniques a bit more earlier this year, the lady seems to be returning to her pretty roots with a richly toned collection with signature developed prints and detailed handwork. Will she able to continue her successful run?? We will wait and watch

Maheen Karim
Maheen Karim is associated with a certain eveningwear aesthetic that is attributed to her only. The designer who predominantly works with prints and details always manages to bring about a much much more fusion of seasons within her ensembles and this would be no different. Maheen Her Fall offering RIVASSANT is set to bring the glam quotient onto the ramp with its visual details and silhouette. The designer known for her sensual use of fabric, will not deter away from the usual and inturn set to incorporate some decadent embellishments in her collection. Will she hit the high note? We’ll know on Day 3 of the fashion week.

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