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Photography by Marcos David

I’M WEARING: T.shirt (Giordano) / Skinny Jeans (Levis) / Socks (SOXY BEAST) / Boots (Stoneage) / Necklaces (Stoneage) / Leather cuff (Shehla Chatoor) / Rings and Midi Ring (Flea Market Finds)

I, for one, am a sucker for fun socks. Be it patterned or solid popping colors. While one (and myself) would expect me to take a certain attention grabbing approach towards these socks, when these patterned socks from SOXY BEAST arrived, I immediately knew how I would want to style them (and not the usual way). Soxy beast is a socks based brand that helps you stand out of the crowd in the most subtle or the boldest (however you may choose to style it) way via socks. ‘Bold patterns that help one channel their inner beast, who takes pride in his appearance and makes a strong impression on all he meets.’ Also what I liked was Soxy beast’s subscription. Releasing one design per month, if you subscribe, your subscription provides a pack of school socks to a child refugee. A small, however but significant effort to give back on their part. As far as my look goes I, however went for a much more subtle approach with these patterned socks, than I usually do. Going for a much casual affair, I went for a full sleeve tee and beige skinnys to go along with the look. Keeping the color scheme relatively simple with teals and neutrals, the pattern of the socks provides just enough quirky subtle detail that demands that you look again to find fun details. Finishing off with brown suede bourges, I accessorized with a few rings, a leather cuff from Shehla Chatoor, and necklaces from Stoneage.


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