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Dhruv Kapoor
Going the minimal route, Dhruv Kapoor (not to be confused with DRVV.. this one is a Kapoor with Two O’s.. the Kal Ho na Ho confusion) with his offering went part sporty part unisex route, which came together quite cohesively. The collection played up with visual textures esp the snakeskin combined with sporty and masculine silhouettes that sort of was a uniquely interesting approach that I personally found intriguing. It would be interesting to see if he explores that facet of his aesthetics of combining two such poles apart elements within a minimal aesthetic and still make it work. One to watch out for!!


The sporty luxe ones, Huemn’s color palette reminded me of Sibling’s menswear collection. With their usual sporty oversized aesthetics in place, this time around the designer duo of Huemn went a bit of a feminine route compared to their most recent previous outings. While the usual layered jackets were present, it was the gowns that were an unusual feature this time around. The collection also featured a multitude of suits, and played up with sheer elements within skirts, tops and dresses. But my favorite piece has to be the bleeding pocket long shirt that was just perfect and the sheer shirt with an oversized jacket.  The duo’s sneaker styling was done to perfection complimenting the clothing. While it was unusual to see the brand go in this direction it would have to be seen how their sporty chic philosophy evolves.


Love Birds
Oversized..check, sporty chic..check, Love Birds did everything that a sport influenced collection needed and boy even going down the expected route, they did good. Boxy and oversized silhouettes, clean tailoring and good palette at their disposal, it was to their credit that managed to produce a decent collection (it is really hard to mess up especially in terms of proportions within the oversized look). Also what was commendable was the interjection of stripes at intervals within to keep the collection from being monotonous and repititive of just a series of solid combos. Loved the drop crotch pants the designer herself was wearing as well I do like my bit of oversized and lose silhouette.


Possibly the most chicest outing from DRVV that struck the perfect balance between commercial viability and runway presentation. DRVV’s collection MMXVpointIV – Collary was a multitude of chic looks that, one after the other, continued to impress. The collection had dresses, skirts, suits, shift dresses and what was interesting was how each one had a different makeup than others. Oscillating between greys and blacks, DRVV pretty much nailed the whole collection being minimal in approach yet lending the drama quotient on the ramp. Simple pieces yet effective approach, while some of the silhouettes went the similar route, others definitely made you sit up and take notice with their interesting shapes. It is probably the best one I have seen from him. Take a bow!!


Munkee See Munkee Do
Ok I have to admit!! the first time I heard the name, I though Oh no!! yet another Quirkbox but I was pleasantly surprised by the restrained approach the brand had and its sporty aesthetics that demanded a second look. Their collection seemed more to make a sort of statement towards gun control and unrest (something similar to Iman Ahmed last year) However it was interesting to see a younger take on the similar issue compared to a veteran. While there were a few odd pieces, the brand had its heart in the right place and that what came through. The gun prints and embroidery over structural and boxy silhouettes were cleverly played within the context. The approach was clean and the chic. Pastel as well as black and white hues dominated the collection. The styling was on point and thankfully they did not go overboard in an runway-drama attempt letting the clothes shine. A good outing


Square Loop
Possibly my favorite within the sporty luxe category because of the fact that designer made it all look so chic without going too boxy while keeping it sporty. A very hard balance to strike what was more impactful was the use of accessories. Playfully with smart backpacks and bags, the complimenting accessories definitely completed the collection as a whole rather than just being an add on. A clean palette of neutrals, Square Loop’s debut outing definitely was one of the pleasant surprises that I discovered while going through the fashion week. It was sporty chic probably at its best… reminded me of Huemn but the designer here seemed to have a distinct voice of her own which was different. It would be interesting to see in what direction will she steer the brand into.


Nikhil Thampi
Nikhil Thampi is just not yet ready to give up his love for metallics. While he did start off with a bit of pieces that resonated his works before the metallic became his ‘thing’, and got me a little worried there, he soon switched gears towards what he liked best. What I liked about him as a designer as to how far he is exploring within the similar metallic vibe with a multitude of different approaches towards clothing. The bralet-white pants look, the hot black pant suit, the oversized metallic jacket paired expertly with a pair of streamlined cigarette pants, an oversized big metallic parka inspired jacket, there were some very fun high moments within his presentation for which he definitely needs to be lauded for. The gowns… well he does have his clientele within the red carpet appearance making celebrities, but his other ones were much more fun. I found  the dangling earrings a wee bit distracting in some looks but the slick back hair was the perfect look that the collection needed for the clothes to shine.


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