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A good designer knows how to push boundaries and veteran like Anamika Khanna knows exactly that, the reason she is in Sonam Kapoor’s closet. Not defining her clothes within a certain eastern-western debate category, she attempts to explore what is at her disposal. The clothes that were to be showcased at a museum sadly had to have the change of venue. But all is not lost for good design and good clothes will and are good no matter where they are shown and that is what happened with Anamika Khanna.

With her love for Ivory and black, Khanna’s love for embroidered work was evident within the collection. Her usual attempt to blur the lines between couture and luxury pret are always interesting within her showcase that display such a variety and range that you cannot be but overwhelmed with the sheer sight of it. The silhouettes predominantly featured her signature style of hybrid silhouettes and shapes along with a few traditional ones thrown in for good measure. Jackets, boleros, dhoti pants, saris, shararas all and more was present at the showing that concluded the fashion week. Her love for draped silhouettes combined with embroidered details led to quite an interesting weight shifting effect, one that she plays off as her strength masterfully. Loved the contemporary jewellery pieces on some of the white dresses and particulary what was impressive was the collection had such a range even with a simple color palette.

Easy and versatile pieces, Khanna explores the roles of surface treatement by combining contemporary silhouettes with the use of traditional embroidery techniques – a signature that she is now more notoriously famous for. Cutting, deconstructing and re-constructing, Khanna had fun with fashion and it showed.

Such a sheer delight!!

*Images by Sagar Ahuja


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