Bohemian Rhapsody

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When a designer like Iman Ahmed presents, you can be assured every detail from choreography to accessories to the needed impact would be taken care of. And that is what we got. Iman Ahmed’s  Sartorial Philology and New Nomads was pretty much a bohemian class act. This boho woman, that Iman created within her show knew her mind and knew it well without a much care about what everyone else thought (the rebellious no shoes in the beginning), playing to her own tune with an aesthetic to boot. Iman’s bohemian chick was one mindfull lass that was confident wanderer yet a vulnerable feminine figure.

Iman Ahmed started off with white asymmetric pieces that played up with sheer and solid whites paired with tribal jewelery that I absolutely loved. Just when these white pieces left us wanting for more there was a pause and I thought man I wanted more and then out walked the rest of the pieces. Iman sort of build’s up this experience of sorts that allows the viewer to enjoy the collection in its entirety. Drapes, layers fringes and prints all made an appearance within a neutral tones of madder, browns, whites and yellows with leather and ethnic embroidered accents. The fringe jacket was another favorite of the night due to its dramatic movement it lended to when the model turned to deliver that wow moment. Though I did feel that in the last few pieces the garments were a bit over accessorized but then again its runway…if this is where you would not accompany drama with your clothes to compliment them (not overshadow or make it gimmicky) then where!!

Going the ethnic bohemian route is definitely not an easy task since there is always a fear of moving in a very banjara territory but when in the deft hands of a veteran like Iman Ahmed, one can be rest assured to witness something beyond the obvious. Her no nonsense approach coupled with her serious love for her craft should pretty much be unquestionable!! is the new generation of ‘critics’ listening??

*Images courtesy Tapu Javeri


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