Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia Day 1

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I know, I know… Apologies are in order and this review long overdue.. but man!! Masters ain’t easy. And projects, internship and personal dramas tend to keep me quite on my toes and busy busy therefore I wasn’t able to give the kind of time I would like to writing. For those who know me, I would rather not put out anything, than to put a sub standard or just skimming through review just because I have to do a post… doesn’t quite really work for me. A big shoutout to those people who have been keeping tabs on me and the blog and my shenanigans on Twitter, facebook and Instagram… hearing me complain, whine but enjoying my work..Thank You. Also I would like to mention people who email me for fashion advice.. I love getting your questions and suggestions on what you would like to see from me!! 🙂 Always

Laid Back Glam   – ELLERY
Ellery put on quite the opening act for MBFWA 15 to start with. Smart layering was the word for night for designer Kym Ellery who showed off her deft hand at construction of breezy silhouettes while layering them without becoming overwhelming. The opening collection was all about oversized  play proportions and some really clever construction. The tops had a certain flare to them which was controlled just before the point it got overt.. a mark of a good designer knowing when to stop. Jacket, coats, separates, some interesting power suits that caught my eye all made an appearance on the runway. While the collection was majorly a black and white affair with prints and solids, there were interjections of blues, browns and fawns to keep things interesting. However the last two beaded pieces left me a bit confused as they sort of stuck out in the whole presentation and did seem to gel in with the rest. My favorite has to be the  print on print suit, the off shoulder black and white top and lace and print top. The pieces were commercially viable and possessed the runway dramatics with quite an ease. Laid back glamour done just right

Freshening things up   – TOME
US based label TOME made its mark brilliantly on the Australian runways and how. The collection was fresh, slick and chic. Setting the minimalist yet sexy tone for summers, Tome’s collection certainly had quite a few moments that demanded a second look. With bursts of solid cobalts and deep maroons interjected within a black and white collection (seems like quite the pick of colors for summer), the collection had the perfect vibe for the Australian summer for, who I imagined to be a opinionated  woman who knows what works for her but is open to trying things out. The presentation started off with a laid back vibe and evolving into a much more sensual one by the end of the show. It was a seamless presentation with many waist defining silhouettes and a bit of a sporty vibe to the tops. A plaid dress did seem a bit out of place in a presentation that worked more on solids and textures, but it wasn’t much of a deal breaker. My favorites had to be the lace pieces, the jumpsuit and the separates that made for the perfect summer outing and could be layered within any given scenario to dress up or down. Perfectly done.

Sexy Seventies   – BEC n BRIDGE
When taking upon an era as iconic as seventies, a trend that has been globe trotting for quite a while from the runways of London to India, one (read I) tends to fear that the next designer taking it up as inspiration might fall into a part costumey part period trap. The duo Bec & Bridge lay those fears to rest. A fresh approach towards the seventies, the duo presented the glam quotient in their collecton but with a minimalistic charm that worked wonders. The weareable chic and easy on the eyes approach towards seventies, along with their signature swimwear, Bec and bridge sorta proved that they are much more than a regular player within the resorty country of Australia. With their wearable jumpsuits, dresses, seperates in solids and metallics combined with those gladiators (gurls !!! those are sure to fly off the shelves) Bec and Bridge nailed it without going overboard. A mesh dress over a metallic swimwear did seem a bit …kinky to some… for the lack of better word.. but we all need that some quirk in the collection. My fav had to be the striped floor length metallic dress that did remind me of Balmain a bit, but things overlap when you have the same thematic approach.

The Modern day Bo Peep   – MacGraw
I read somewhere that duo from MacGraw went to ultimate lengths to find the perfect shade of pink for their runway presentation…those are the kind of details I enjoy which are in the background n someone but us designers need to think about it to create maximum spotlight for our hardworked clothes. No overblown drama to keep you hooked, simple presentation vibed with the presented clothes that were the stars. The collection which was a modern interpretation of ‘a shepherd girl’ was as wearable as one could get. It ws flirty, girly and charming. The dainty femininity combined with a affectionate playfulness in silhouettes that were imbued with lacy details, fun subtle prints (i loved that deer print with highlighted ones) ,cropped jackets and capes, and sweatshirts combined with shirts and how the pieces were layered. Another one of my favorites was the long striped extra long tunic. What I loved about the whole presentation that how seamless it flew by and to top it all star prints, which could look really harsh, blended well within the whole collection and added, rather than take away from the feminine vibe of the whole show. The cute T bar flats, the winking, smiling and keeping it on point, MacGraw are definitely knows how to have fun and combine business acumen to go with that.

When you hear that an eclectic designer as Gary would be working with cottons, you do expect a certain sort of burst of surprise but what we got was something that probably one didn’t even expect from the designer. The colorful restraint that was presented within prints that he developed with artist Marie Hegarty were moulded and distorted around within his ensembles making for some interesting visual interest. Bigeni showed off his expertise at cottons, which within his deft handling of the fabric, which moved rather than being constricted and restricted as the fabric is known to be. While it is one of my favorite fabrics and favorite to work with, Gar’s relaxed fit and ease within shirts, skirts, seperates and dresses that were easy and flattering than constricting, perfect for summers. While blue added pops of color within the collection, the use of mesh fabric in panelling and layers eased the starkness of white. My favorites had to be the abstract printed pants and am a sucker for stripes 😛 … Twist front dresses, twisted shirts, assymetric and draped hems, all provided cottons with a much reinvented fluidity within silhouettes that were relatable, easy and most importantly wearable.


Androgynous Vibes   – SERPENT and the SWAN
For a brand that I was more excited about for their showing due to their oversized, minimal yet edgy-fun aesthetic that I enjoy towards menswear and womenswear, I was rather a bit disappointed with the collection. While there were a few brilliant moments, for the most part the unisex appeal that the brand enjoys as well as the androgynous vibe was much more overridden with repetition of sorts which set the mood as pretty monotonous. one part hip, one part kink with a bit of goth n sportyness along, what I liked about the collection were the abstract print that looked like a zoomed in eye.. the first piece that came in with the print peeking in from illusioned panel and zipper,  oversized sweats and overall prints…even a couple black on black ensembles were interesting. However the collection did feel disjointed with figure hugging as well as slouched silhouettes in equal proportion was a bit confusing. Wile i liked the ideas about using mesh, it is very tricky to pull off, one that worked in few pieces but not in most. Always a next time!!!

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