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When a luxury pret and a customized clothing designer forays into a pret wear all eyes are on him how he would translate his aesthetic within the affordability without compromising the quality. Luckily for us, Zaheer Abbas’s attention to detail and penchant for perfection puts all those fears to rest. While he has experienced designing lawn by collaborating with a textile mill, one that died down without creating much impact…this one however hits much closer to designer’s aesthetic and notions of what something that comes out of his design house should be like.

Carrying off from his ‘Primavera‘ line, Zaheer effortlessly carries the same aesthetic forward within ‘Printology’ which is a lawn print based pret line. Already a sell out even before he could hang half his stock, the mass appeal and the fun prints have been popular since the launch of the line and women have been thronging the store like crazy.

In an attempt to reach out to the masses, the digitally printed collection has hit all the right notes between being chic and modern day classic. What’s more is its so affordable that its pretty much unbelievable for the price in the bracket of Designer hashtagged lawn (yes there have been cases where lawn has been priced upto 8k PKR) .Growing the brand organically in this direction, while he does love his luxury pret and couture, Zaheer’s foray was but natural.

Another line titled RETRO was more of a machine embroidered line with organzas and chiffons whereas FLORALS was more of hand embroidered line, both launched in accordance with the upcoming Eid season that will set the sea of women off towards shopping venues. And it was equally good with good finishing (which many tend to overlook)

Already in planning of second edition, as well as PRINTOLOGY MEN since I could very well see these prints as jackets, nehru bandhgala waistcoats and shirts, I just cannot wait for it… So excited!!! It is indeed such a good and satisfactory feeling as a designer when you see good work being done.

What’s more is that Zaheer has already launched his estore  at   …Thank God! I am not a woman or that bank balance would have been zero by now


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