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With Eid just around the corner, us 4 friends, Maliha Rao, Umair Mirza, Rabeeyah and myself (all of us who also happen to be bloggers) decided to check out what is up and out there this Eid. Our first stop was Ocean Mall where we first splashed :P. Splash had a good range, a bit steeply priced, but good nevertheless menswear with some interesting textural and easy jackets and printed cotton shirts. They also had a quite a bit of variety of knitted ties. There was a lace shirt in women’s section that I liked and was this close to getting it… remember Burberry 😛 I also liked these round pair of sunnies that were cute and fun priced for 1250 PKR only.

Next the girls headed off to HOBO to buy shoes while me and Umair checked out Bonanza. For men, this Eid, they actually had some decent stuff, esp solid kurtas in self colored woven jacquard that was perfect for this Eid. A staple of sorts, solid colors actually look good for a special occasion like this, and are a pretty much a modern day classic. For embroidery lovers, they had some decent options too…Khaadi on the other hand, who started off with this trend of solids has pretty seemed to lost the plot with embroidered and bling bling and even a ‘cut daana’ (small glass rods) embroidered collars and kurtas, with not even a single plain kurta in sight for people like me who are iffy about embroidery on a kurta tunic. Of all of them, Al Karam pretty much has it on point with their menswear with plains, embroidered as well as offering printed and woven kurtas in cotton for this eid. I loved a white on white overall kurta tunic which was pretty impressive.

FHS by HUB had some good shoes, if you are looking for a good and rather well made pair.  The Body Shop‘s men’s range of grooming products was rather a surprise we strolled into. It was literally a pleasant surprise to see that albeit small but someone is paying attention men’s grooming products. A small jewelry vendor illicited squeals from me and the girls. While Maliha picked up some rings… I couldn’t find a good one for myself.

A small pit-stop for iftar and dinner at New York Cafe was a bit of a pitstop from all the happy shopping :D.

Next stop was Dolmen Mall Clifton. While Gul Ahmed was a quiet affair at Ocean Mall, it was buzzing here, especially with their menswear. While their kurtas were the regular embroidered ones, I wanted to check out their pants, because somehow they have nailed that area. I got myself a pair of steely dark bluish grey pair from their Khaki range that was a good fit.

We also made a small stop at Amir Adnan…while their regular kurtas were there, an absolute love-at-first-sight was the almost flourscent yellow one that I almost got my hands on!! might go and just get it (UPDATE: I just got it 😀) . While their Ah-mazing tailored waistcoats were actually a dream fit on me, albeit a bit steeply priced, but come on!! its Amir Adnan. I loved a single buttoned blue waistcoat that could easily be paired with jeans and shirt as well as kurtas… a very underrated item of clothing that is so versatile that it needs to be in every man’s closet. They seem to be a major trend this eid with all of the brands showcasing them. Moving on, while these girls headed off in Generation (which had everything so good and so affordable), me and Umair headed off to Yellow. Yellow has some really good stuff. Two toned and textural kurtas and floral printed shirt were an absolute things to get 😀 I got myself a really cool Magenta / Purple toned kurta tunic from Yellow but while they ran out of other color options I was told they had it in orange, greens and blues as well.

Pairing it up with white Cotton straight pajama from Khaadi (yes they still make the best ones after Amir Adnan) and you are good to go.

While girls checked out Sapphire and Beech tree, I also strolled in to be pleasantly impressed by Beech tree’s bags and how affordable were they. Might be a bit lacking on the finishing end, but if it continues to push, it just might achieve that good a quality. The small woven bags were an absolute favorite. The two Lahore based brands had successfully planted their foot firmly within the Karachi market, a hard one to penetrate through, which was evident from the amount of customers.

Shahnameh was pretty okay in terms of traditional easternwear. A bit of waistcoats were interesting but the fabric was a bit too thick for the kind of weather Karachi is experiencing. Also we ventured into Breakout trying out various stuff. Umair was literally on a roll there.  They have some cute floral sneakers for men as well as camo sneakers which were an absolute love. A chevron shirt that I liked wasn’t in my size but I did manage to get my hands onto a floral chambray shirt that had me at the florals. 😀

Shopping is always fun for me and along with friends who are fashionistas it was just double the fun while we went around taking selfies and fooling around the mall, attracting onlookers thinking what a crazy bunch of people are they….hehhehe but we revel in our crazyness and love every bit of it 😀

Head over to their blogs to see what they hauled in from the shopping trip!!!

Maliha Rao umair Rabeeyah

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