Sportin’ It

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cotton on


bassike basics


skinny jeans

bassike basic fleece jumper
Photography by Kristina Bauer of amasingly

I’M WEARING: Fleece Jumper-Tee Hybrid (Bassike) | Denim (Cotton On) | Trainers (Nike)

Keeping the look much more simpler, in the winters that refuse to leave Sydney, I went for a much sporty vibe for the look. I came across this fleece jumper-tee during one of bassike’s sale and what I love about bassike and why it is one of my favorite brands around Australia (no this is not a sponsored is that it manages to push envelope while remaining within the confines of basic (and such a good one in oversized fits YES!! there is such a thing *hairflip*). The jumper sits perfectly it has a certain loose fit about it yet is perfectly ribbed fit around waist. The good thing about this is that the ribbed ends are not as severe making them perfect and probably the only ribbed edged piece I own. Furthermore the fleece isn’t suffocating unlike a few other pieces I own but will never wear 😛 , it is warm but just enough!!. The certain oversize-ness was contrasted with black super skinny go to denim from cotton on. I chose to go for a man bun and the only pop of color were the flourscent nike trainers that rounded off the whole basic yet sporty look (had a bit of wang vibe to it) .


One thought on “Sportin’ It

    benjaminsaccaggi said:
    September 21, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    I’m usually not a fan of the oversize fit (finger snap in a Z), but I’ll say you’ve pulled it off very well!

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