High Five

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Photography by Kristina Bauer of amasingly

I’M WERARING: Print (Nisha Pinjani) Jacket (Myself) | Tee (Cotton On) | Denim (Outfitters) | Shoes (Pedro) | Rings (flea market) | Cuffs and bracelets (asos, Pompin and Disney) | Shades (Factorie)

For those who know me are aware and those who don’t..that my affinity and love for print is just something. It is one of the things I like to play with within my personal aesthetic be it what I design for others or myself. The smartest way to add in a certain dimension is through print. I usually do go through thesis of my school and this young designer Nisha Pinjani’s prints caught my eye. Yes it does have a Masaba vibe to it and I loved the print so…why not :P. I got the print made into a black and white jacket since I didn’t have any printed jackets so to speak. I injected some color through the bright cobalt blue pants, without taking away from the printed jacket and rounded off the look with the black wingtip brogues. With a casual vibe of the jacket, I just had to add in a few rings and reflective shades to complete the look.



One thought on “High Five

    […] I had already done a monochromatic jacket earlier with a color pop (here), therefore I wanted to go completely sans any color and make it all about this jacket. On my […]

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