Take the Leap

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DSCF0593 3.16.54 pm




Photography by Kelly 

I’M Wearing: Jacket (TopMan) | Button up Shirt (yd.) | Pants (Levis) | Printed Socks | Shoes (Service) | Lapel Pin (Pompin) | Shades (Factorie) | Cuff(asos) | Rings (Flea Market)

In life we are scared about taking chances, the unpredictability of how things would pan out, we like to be in control, but there is a certain part of us that wishes to take that leap, to jump in to explore and see what happens. This post is dedicated to all those moments.

The weather of Sydney is as unpredictable as London, the reason I have my umbrella even on the sunniest days… from Sunshine to rain to hail within a single day yet it shouldn’t deter one from just spiffing up a bit just because… no rain happenin on my parade!! *sassy snap*. This dusty lavender pink jacket from Topman was pretty much a love at first sight (sadly many people didn’t think so because it is a hard sell and an unusual color but with so many possibilities that you might be surprised. Pairing it up with a darker navy printed shirt I went for a much more demi-casual vibe for the day since I was running around from attending meetings to graduation ceremonies of friends. With grey denim that looked much formal than casual, I finished it off with dark brown boots from Service (Service in Pakistan has really upped their game… was pleasantly surprised to see some fun stuff when I visited back home) playing them off with the buttons from the jacket. A sneak peek of printed socks and the floral lapel pin from POMPIN (am now being too obsessively in love with lapel pins) added in the usual quirky drama and my regular rings made for the hand accessories.

P.S. I know I need to lose weight but whoever said I was a model in the first place 😛

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