Going Nautical

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Photography by Kelly

I’M WEARING: Tee (Lynx) | Vest (Stoneage) | Drop crotch Pants (Emraan Rajput) | Shoes (Pedro) | Rings( Flea Market) | Cuff (asos) | Round Sunnies ( 9 lines)

A bit of a different take on the nautical in terms of silhouette. I went for one of my favorite items in my wardrobe, drop crotch Emran Rajput aladdin pants, to offset the fitted nautical striped tee. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love a little nautica in their life. Since Sydney is having a mood swing of weather, the strangeness of which I am loving, I paired a it with a denim-ish vest from Stoneage. The Round sunnies from 9 lines brought in the perfect kookiness that I wanted with this look, not to take it much seriously. Now am usually not the one to pair shoes with shalwars… primarily because it looks weird to me (google the politicians from Pakistan)…but it worked such perfectly when you have a tee paired with such a voluminous silhouette (for those following me for a while know I love such contrasts). For that my Pedro wingtips complimented perfectly the whole silhouette bringing it all together. Rings, a necklace and a cuff rounded off the accessories.


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