Sunny Cheers

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Photography by Emilie Bures

I’M WEARING: Button Up(Denizen) | Pants (Outfitters) | Shoes (Pedro) | Handbeads and Lapel Pin (Pompin) | Reflective Shades (Factorie) | Rings and midi rings(Flea market) | and lots of curly hair

Easy and casual for a warm and dry day. I went for some cheery yellow mustard pants paired with a grey woven shirt. Using a lapel pin as an accessory and a bit of pop of color for that just an extra bit of detail makes all the difference and matters. Being from sub-continent, my reverence for color within outfits isn’t something unusual :P, we like it colorful. With my beard game on for the look (and guess what!! it grows in curls too), I went for a much scruffy look than the usual to try it out how it looks…Do tell what do you think. It has taken quite a while but I have made peace with my curly hair and now its just the simple case of *if you got it….flaunt it*.. hahaha but they can be a beast on their own sometimes…the trick is to keep them tamed just enough. It was a blast shooting with a friend Emilie Bures


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