the Red Carpet Wars

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Prepping for Red carpets are no mean feat, some play it safe, classic and minimal, others love to experiment on a whole different level, sometimes leaving people surprised that it could work. This award season was no different where we had our range of celebs dressed to the nines for the big awards night few days after each other, appearing flawless despite making transatlantic journeys. Here’s a rundown of the few of their own red carpet looks.

The amount of times Ms. Winslet has played safe infuriates everyone. But the classic english rose actress knows what works for her curves and if you look as good as her, esp as fiery as her at Bafta,, we ain’t complaining. She knows where and how to have that just enough drama but just be in her safe zone. Body con hugging gowns flaring out, Winslet found out quite early what works for her and has consistently grown with age. She does tend to throw in a surprise every now and then but it is still up her alley, on her own terms. Her dramatic gown by Ralph Lauren at the Oscars with a reflecting fabric, the train was just the drama up her alley with the beach waves she looked gorgeous in at Bafta as well. She probably knew she wasn’t going to win so might as well have some fun with it.


The one to always keep things interesting on the red carpet, the experimental Cate Blanchett gave us just the unexpected we expect her from. While at the globes the fringed piece was the most unusual one and on anyone else it would’ve looked weird but it is she who makes it work and knows how to make it work for her. Likewise for her oscars mint green garden. Not everyone’s cup of tea and i didn’t like it either. The color washes her away. My fav has to be the mcqueen embellished top with a feathered skirt she wore at BAFTAS, she does it just right with the ensemble teaching everyone she is the experimental one on the red carpet, keeping things interesting and the audience guessing.


The new one in the spotlight, Alicia Vikander gave us a variety, much like her range of movies in a single year, which was hard to pin as a style. While on one end shes the classic belle of the ball… literally at oscars n pleated one on globes. She even made embroidered leather luxe and easy. However it was her LV geometric sequined column gown that was the highlight of her award season. Wish she would have worn that on oscars. It was dramatic contemporary and just pitch perfectly styled,


The best actress winner gave us some stunning looks up until except at the oscars. Her Versace looks was sultry in powder blue and her golden Calvin Klien dress was so amazing and so perfectly styled that it was more suited for oscars than Golden Globes. Her custom blue gucci gown with embellished belt was rather much a disappointing turn compared to her other looks, and worse it made her and Alicia Vikander look like prom sisters.

It was interesting to see Lady Gaga not going the usual costumey route but not going the traditional red carpet way either. Gaga brought in a certain interesting perspectives by combining her own style to the classic resulting in her version of high fashion. From chanelling Marilyn at globes to wearing that white jumpsuit with a pant cape that was particularly well constructed and minimally styled, this was Gaga at her very best without the unnecessary theatrics that people associate her with.

The thing about Rooney Mara is she will not dress for you. She will dress for herself and rock the bitchfest out of the dress she would be sporting. Known for combining feminine and edgy together and making them work, Rooney does wander off within a feminine part goth vibe once in a while, one that suits her perfectly resting bitchface. During her award season run, while the globes look wasn’t one of my favorites it was a tie in between the sleek Michael Kors and the ethereal hand embroidered Givenchy, both styled just the way Mara likes it – fierce.

You may not know how to pronounce her name, but the Irish actress sure is one hell of head turner on the red carpet. While she has been doing movies for a while, Brooklyn really catapulted her. Up until Oscars, Ms. Ronan played it safe yet gave her outfits a much more youthful appearance, through hair and makeup, be it at the globes or Baftas. But it was the Oscars where this lass turned up the heat in a Calvin Klien dress going all out the sultry bombshell way. Paying tribute to her irish roots and the movie through the color green, the beach waves and mismatched earrings were perfectly age appropriate and a smoking look for her this award season.

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