PSFW 2016 Day 4

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Day 4 turned out quite the antithesis of what I expexted of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, yet it did have some highlights

Fashion for a cause is always close to my heart and deserves a spotlight under the sun primarily because it needs it. HSY’s limited line with Kashf foundation working with destitute women was far removed from his OTT usual self. This was the HSY which was chic, elegant and sleek in a much more sophisticated palette. For me this line was more luxe and slick than HSY’s regular one making it seem all the more – lets not use that word -. The feminine urban line was contemporary for a woman looking to add that extra to her look. The looks could be easily deconstructed into separates or put together for monochrome looks. HSY led this team quite fabulously, so much so one questions if its the same designer who presented the day before. The dark neutral color palette worked well seamlessly and now all it needs is a retail point for things to get running for those women, for just doing it once, ain’t going to cut it.

From graphics and florals Deepak’s collection, while was very wearable, it wasn’t something we haven’t seen before. The digital prints, prints on prints, and lots of geometric and floral overlaps was pretty much a regular affair. Throwin into the mix was the references to FIX IT! movement which hardly made any impact unlike the movement itself. The pieces that probably made just the right noise within the collection were the one shoulder white dress, a geometric top and a white menswear jacket. We miss the much more fun and innovative Deepak, atleast for the ramp, that one needs to make his appearance once in a while since we have the runway twice a year anyway. Still waiting…


Taking the sporty to the high street, Sobia Nazir attempted to go down the difficult route and had quite a bit of success within her presentation where she combined sporty and floral elements together, the two which in my books are tricky terrains to put together. It is commendable that she actually managed to do so to a certain degree in her collection. Playing with sheer and print elements, the designer actually understood perfectly that it is not just sneakers that made the look sporty. Her relaxed shapes were on point and the styling simple to keep focus on the clothes. While the sporty trend was last year, bring that into a much more affordable high street wear, Sobia Nazir definitely needs an applause for vouching for change.


A brand to actually look out for, MBM with it’s burst of colors and psychedelic and unusual combinations of prints presented probably the most successful high street showing. The biggest thing was that it DID NOT look like a Masaba or Satya Paul but still within that territory of Rang Ja yet with its own identity. While some silhouettes may be too much to be digested within the high street arena, if she pulls that off at a good price – I am definitely sending people over. However she did have her share of misses and I did wish she avoided the embellishment and some of the proportions of top and bottom seemed off balance. Such riot of neon colors might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and some also did not work, but does make you sit up and take notice what this brand would come up with next.

Sorry but this seemed liked a poor man’s Sana Safinaz – and they appeal to the masses. The green outfit was pretty much something similar I had seen from the mega brand. It was quite a disappointing showing which was not polished, innovative hell not even interesting to begin with.

I’m Sorry but I will not be reviewing all the Voile Shows primarily because of the fact that creating generic outfits from your very generic prints is more suited for textile trade show than a fashion show. If this was such a big deal, should have collaborated with the designer themselves to work on their collection and providing them print support rather than marching on your own tune. While the Lawn and unstitched print is a multi billion dollar business in pakistan, that is where it should remain, within the masses. There was no place for it on the ramp subjecting everyone present to the tried and tested silhouettes and same old floral and geometric prints combined with solids and styled. I wonder what prompted someone as high street as Hangten to jump in the lawn pool. The only one that probably succeeded most out of them was the collaboration between Nilofer Shahid and House of Ittehad, where despite the generic prints, one could see how the veteran designer was able to give every look it’s individuality. It is credit to the veteran designer that she managed to salvage the prints much more tastefully compared to the rest of the presentations. Such collabs, that started with Sania Maskatiya, could well be a headway within future but the rest should really think about if its even worth their salt to star in the fashion week, especially with a lackluster finale to the whole week.


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