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Photography by Jarrod Adams

I’M WEARING:  Basic V neck Tee (Black Dewa) | Printed rune drop crotch pants ( Black Dewa) | Accessories (mine) | Shades (9lines)

There are times when you step out of your usual comfort zone and in the process realize how different things can be when looked from another perspective. Something similar happened this easter weekend when I worked with Jarrod Adams, the photographer and the designer for Black Dewa. It is rare for me to showcase that hipster persona of mine within shoots which are mostly pushing things from mostly my personal style perspective. Black Dewa did just that. Black Dewa is a brand that is not for the faint hearted. It is brazen and bold in its statement. The high street pieces of the brand certainly are badass and have an attitude to boot along with them. What’s more is they are just so comfy – The knit pants I wore were just so perfect – and I like my fit done well and yet they just hug you in all the right places and flatter you for all the right reason. What’s more is that the prints are not the usual ones, but rather thoughtfully crafted to suit the rebellious individuality of the brand that aims to stand tall among the crowd.  Making simple but powerful statements through its use of prints within the streetstyle silhouettes that could morph within any wardrobe seamlessly, Black Dewa is one brand I am definitely keeping my eyes on, with what they come up with next. Visit their website to know more about them and what’s more!! you can shop online too 😀


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