Toni Maticevski

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And that is how you begin the fashion week…


Kicking off things, Toni Maticevski was the one this time around opening the MFWA 16. The blue eyed boy of Australian fashion in the world is known for his volume and structure 
and boy he did not disappoint. Working with his signature controlled volume and structure, Maticevski’s collection comprised of voluminous silhouettes, innovative materials in a futuristic wearable outlook and fluid structure. With a theme comprising of looking at past and present, Maticevski did just that with an array of monochrome, yellow and metallic fabrics in a multitude of silhouettes that were chic and body flattering with contrasting shapes of oversized and sleek. With his signature deconstructed yet polished structure within ensembles, Maticevski experimented with fringes, sheer and metallics with his ensemble. He furthermore managed to sneak in sporty elements and print at occasions in off and one shoulder, oversized, layered and some very parisian silhouettes making it look all too seamless and succeeding at that. The sheer finge top, the mago skirt and off shoulder top and a metallic full volume dress were one of the major highlights of the collection. Some of the looks that were finished off with some round sunglasses gave off quite the bit of a retro futuristic vibe that Maticevski probably aimed for. Playing up to his strengths, Maticevski clearly knows how to put up a show and do it well too. An indication of better things to come, Maticevski’s collection was pretty slick, on point and is sure to fly off as soon as it hits the stores.

However from this well tailored and smashing opening act, the most who took away was the jewellery designer Rod Storer with his amazing piece, in his collaboration with Maticevski. Storer’s pieces complimented the ensembles all too perfectly making them rise a notch above with a brilliant outlook giving fetishes a romantic twist. From mouth pieces to necklaces, but my favorite piece had to be the neck piece which trickled and traced down into a hand harness at the back.


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