Day 2 – MBFW 16

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The second day did manage to hit quite the mark on the resort vibe with something that we are familiar of the season. Relaxed outings to some body con dresses ending with Dion Lee’s impressive presentation. From important business decisions to commercial concepts to evolutions, Day 2 was pretty interesting and safe at the same time to say the least…



With their latest collection, the sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart prove that no one knows their clientele better than them. Their collection of monochrome and champange punctuated with blues and prints, was laced with fringes, sheer and slinky layers. Resorting to their signature chic silhouettes, there were big billowy hats, figure flattering jumpsuits, and hell they even used a bag like a fanny pack and made it look amazing. With stripes and lace playing the major visual role, we also got to see some very unusual color combos, Who knew Aqua and deep copper brown works well together. The resort showcase comprised from swimwear and fitted halternecks to a billowy tops and lazy and relaxed dresses with one and cut off shoulder that seemed to be a running trend. The easy on the eye collection was breezy and right up the duo’s alley of chic women. But that footwear…it had me all going all kinds of weird because it looked weird and fringes on that shaped looked off – almost very spidery feeling up the leg at at many places it did not complete the whole look like it should…but it was a very minor gripe. Barring that footwear they pretty much successfully nailed the resort vibe of the season. My favorite had to be the chevron jacket and those sheer lose long tunic tops and with pants (much like something I would see back home) were brilliant.


One of the designers to offer ‘See, Buy, Wear’ to the audience of her collection, Yeojin Bae’s collection was right up the commercial alley with a multitude of dresses cut sharply and fitted well. From color blocks to playing with lace and layers, Miss Bae was one of the designers who opened up her collection’s runway pieces up for sale after the show. Aiming to break the cycle of the wait of six months between order and production, Yeojin Bae did what Tom Ford and Burberry are planning to do this year…have the show close to production cycle. While it is challenging within the commercial arena of body con dresses to be more experimental, Miss Bae did manage to push a bit experimental boundaries esp in terms of one very exposed shoulder dress that I absolutely loved. The one opting for more color, Yeojin Bae’s dresses were sleek and sophisticated.


MISHA and her OH-So-Glam Squad
Against a gilded joints (an anciant chinese ceramic technique) backdrop, Lace and embellishment was the order of the day for Misha’s latest presentation. One of the more glamorous shows of the day, Thanks to the hype of Bella Hadid making opening and closing the show, she kept the color palette simple down to blacks and cremes while playing up with sheer elements with lace and cutouts along with silks and embellishments. While the collection was and does appear to be safe catering to a very specific clientele, Misha knows her client rather too well, giving them a multitude of options within similar silhouettes. Clean lines punctuated with some interesting textures, one shoulder dresses and those impeccably done jumpsuits (which were my favorites) Misha’s collection might appear too superficial to many as coming across as Oh-So-Glam but it is not easy to do that while keeping up the toned down balance which she achieved rather remarkably without overdoing her ensembles. To top it all she brought in Bella Hadid… I mean come on!! don’t tell me you just did not get #squadgoals seeing that group of sassy women down the runway!


Moody AJE 
Combining soft and strong elements within their latest presentation, AJE’ underbelly grunge meeting the elite with an obvious nod to 70s and 80s in an apocalyptic moody setting hit all the fierce notes high on mark. While the collection had their signature logo tees, leather mini skirts and embellished dresses, they did not shy away from showcasing palm print jackets (the oversized one was my favorite), denim and embroidered top. From leather to dainty sheer dresses to an ice blue mini dress, it was clear that the brand was all set to venture out into further territories proving it is much more than just choice for the ‘cool girl’ out there. The only one to have the model of color (why are we having this convo – its 2016) and she looked smashing on Day one – it was good to see them do so.  The simple setting purposefully made for a much bigger impact where in person one could observe details much more without any background drama happening.


DION LEE – The Techno child
One person that could totally match up and give competition to Iris Van Herpen is Dion Lee. With his pursuit in techno textiles, he achieves what, (i think I have said that earlier as well) bycombining something familiar with unfamiliar giving us newer commercial perspective on things causing you to pause and appreciate the details of what technology could do. What is good is that he does it with such ease that it does not seem forced and more of a natural progression of our present future world. From pants and separates with oversized pockets to techno dresses and fabric dresses combined with technical 3d material details were fab…. almost reminded me of the Elizabeth Hurley’s iconic safety pin dress. What I loved the most were the  oversized fold over details and oversized fold over pockets on pants. Another one of the night who opted for black and white/creme palatte, Lee opted for slick silhouettes and relaxed details, Dion Lee scores major points on this one by bringing techno details into a commercial fashion space.


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