Winter is here

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38 - vX4t6L9

04 - 06hkTvI

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29 - hpXaogj

40 - qujNtuY

13 - JHGG36f

45 - s1g9mKIes

43 - 85OScqgeePhotography by Jake Starr

I’M WEARING: Oversized Jumper (Boohoo Australia) | Skinny Jeans (Cotton On) | Socks (next) | Shoes (1st step) ! Shades (Cotton On) | Bowler Hat (Hat Villa) | Necklaces (Outfitters and Flea Market) | Rings (HnM (the armor one), flea market)  | Handpiece (random find)

For someone coming on from a hot city, where winter is pretty much a yawn and a half, spending time for the first time in peak Sydney winters is quite the experience.. haha.. it is cold and literally requires you to be on top of your knitwear and outwear game. For someone who doesn’t adhere to much ‘polished look’ rules I tend to to mix up my jewelry pieces with my outfits and color and metallic accent against the blue and black works. Yes I had a haircut and the shorter length is so much fun to work with especially in fun looks like this and the hat works perfectly. I tend to mix up things with a look that sits within a much more high street look. The Oversized jumper is something I ordered last year but never got around it and these winters provided the perfect opportunity to wear it. Oversize-skinny is my favorite kind of silhouette and I always love the variations of the two. Whoever said formal shoes can’t go high street, pair them up with a fun colored or printed socks and your can take them for a good spin. Rounding off with a multitude of rings and a hand piece I gave the look some metallic highlights for an added dimension. An armor ring with the title works perfectly 😉 afterall Winter is Here



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