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One of the most fun things that I as a textile designer and a fashion designer get to see at Indian fashion weeks is a designers from India do well is the exploration of cotton based hand weaves and handloomed fabrics, something the Pakistani counterparts need to learn. While one may see Maheen Khan venture into Banarsi fabric and running brilliantly with it, the examples are few and far in between. At AIFW fashion week,one got to see an array of designers exploring organic cotton weaves and playing them into different aesthetics

IKAI by Ragini Ahuja
Using Mesopotamia as her starting point, Ragini Ahuja made smart choices keeping it urban and chic with simple silhouettes. Sheer overlays and jackets with Mesopotamian art were smart. In rich autumnal and earthy tones  with bursts of red, the simplicity of the garments was accentuated further by a polished look in tunics and dresses that could be styled in a number of ways.


The boho relaxed vibe of this collection made it one of my favorite one of the lot. The deconstructed silhouette with minimal geometric motif weaves was my favorite. The circular motifs used to amazing effect were easy on the eye and the relaxed silhouette perfect for the weekend getaway. The neutral grey palette complimented the collection and I was glad that the designer did not deviate from the shades of grey. My favorite had to be the fun pants – I would totally wear them


One look at this collection and you can tell Akaaro’s designer had a ball designing and styling this collection. Using hand weaving  of translucent weaves and fabrics to his advantage, Gupta layered his ensembles in a playful fashion without overwhelming. In a multitude variation of stripes, the designer’s collection was fun and quirky with its mind right in the place with the commercial viability of the pieces. Mixing it up with a variety of silhouettes with long tunics and dresses belted over saris made for refreshing change from what you see on runway.

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