The Graveyard Shift

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owais blogger

owais haji owaisisms



owais haji owaisisms blogger

owais haji owaisisms blogger


owais haji owaisisms bloggerPhotography by Jake Starr

I’M WEARING: Longline tee and drop crotch pants (H&M) | Wingtip Brogues (Pedro) | Shades | Rings (Market Finds) | lapel pin (pompin)

For someone does like to quirk it up from time to time, it is always fun to step out of your comfort zone to try out fun things and I am usually game for it and the fun bit when your photographer is game for it too. Going for much more darker undertones and hipster vibes- and shooting at a graveyard – yep!! – I went for an all black look with just blue round shades. Just a hint of color but not much. While some may not find it particularly dark – and I agree it could have been much more – but for someone like me, Baby steps. I have to admit though, I did like exploring this direction and how could one transform the outlook to such nocturnal mood. A floral lapel pin just to lighten the mood – Maybe I should do another one!! 😉


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