Hide & Seek

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owais-owaisisms-fashion-blogger-9Photography by Jake Starr

I’M WEARING: Jacket (Myself) | Striped Tee (asos) | Black Jeans | Shoes (Servis) | Sunglasses (factorie) | double rings (MAN the label) | rings (flea market)

This jacket is one of my major milestone jackets and for personal reasons, one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe that I have designed for myself. The jacquard silk was perfect for the jacket and is versatile when paired with different pieces. The blue fleur-esque motifs combined with the green give it a certain peacock vibe. For the shoot at Calyx, it was a perfect color to offset the white and the symmetry of the space at Calyx. A complete look on its own when paired with black and white separates. The striped tee, black jeans went perfectly with it – paired with a pair of grey shoes and silver reflective shades round off the look. The green works with the botanical theme of the space and the black and white matches the structure. It is such a funny thing that the humans who created spaces like this are the ones to disturb its symmetry as we move through them.

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