Abandoned Past

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owais-haji-owaisisms-fashion-blogger-13Photography by Jake Starr

I’M WEARING: Distressed Denim Jacket (Provocator) | Crew neck Tee (Splash) | sweat drop crotch pants (H&M) | Shoes (Regal Shoes) | Round shades (9lines) | rings (flea market finds)

An old abandoned factory was the place for this hot summer afternoon shoot and totally worth it. Jake and I have this thing about old abandoned places that exude a certain persona on their own when reflected from afar with a history to boast – and we found a good one. The peeling off paint, the leaves, the broken brick wall provides the textural and color contrast and the perfect setting. We all come with certain stories of our past, our memories, our experiences that shape us, each one different from another- it is what makes us, US. We all our damaged in one way or the other and the only option is to pick up ourselves, learn from our mistakes and move on. Or as Rafiki from Lion King puts it “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” .For this look like all of our differences it was about mix and match with distressed denim jacket, sweat pants and a tee paired with a ‘formal’ loafers in red that provide the perfect pop of accent against the outfit and the setting. Why not look on point while progressing forward



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